READ FIRST: Reporting Issues / support

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READ FIRST: Reporting Issues / support

Post by zakblood » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:10 pm

Location of important files

When reporting bugs, it's usually essential to provide a log file. Depending on the issue, it's also often necessary to provide a save game file.

The log file can be found at

C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Owned By Gravity GmbH\Fantasy General 2"

where {username} will be the Windows account you are using. Note that the log is overwritten each time the game is started, so if you see a problem, please copy the log file to another location prior to re-starting the game.

Save games can be found at

C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Fantasy General 2\Savegames

where {user} is your Windows username.

System Information (Windows)

Additionally you may be requested to provide a snapshot of your computer’s hardware and software configuration to help us diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues.

To obtain the DxDiag file:
1. Press Windows Key + R.
2. Type DxDiag and press Enter.
3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
4. Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save.

To obtain the MSInfo file:
1. Press Windows Key + R.
2. Type MSInfo32 and press Enter.
3. In the MSInfo diagnostic window, click File, then Export.
4. When the Export As window appears, choose Desktop.
5. Name the file "MSInfo" and click Save.

one the reports or save games are found and ready, please zip them up and attach them to your post, thanks

as some of the saves of some games can be rather large, the forum won't sometimes support them even zipped i'm sorry to say,

Ideal solution to upload is using your OneDrive or Dropbox account if you have one, alternatively you can use as all are free for small amounts


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