Battlestar Columbia *Spoilers*

The Cylons have rebelled. The alliance of the Twelve Colonies falters. Take control of the Colonial Fleet and save humanity from an endless war.
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Battlestar Columbia *Spoilers*

Post by VarangianGarde » Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:42 am

Hi Folks,

It's been a wonderful experience enjoying the unique play style and campaign journey of the Deadlock universe. In particular, I enjoyed the final mission of Sin and Sacrifice. Taking the best of Colonial Fleet into a final action you *know* is doomed is one of the most moving and poignant moments in a strategy campaign that really executed in being a compelling and effective story with immersive game play and personal investment.

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed by the final mission of Armistice. Especially for the last mission of a largely single player game, it came up a bit short, especially given the build-up in expectations. Effectively, you have to watch the doomed Columbia get dismantled, then watch an ominously OP Cylon fleet approach your position. Just as the engagement starts to heat up, and likely just as things start to look doomed for Galactica and friends, Dues Ex Sarkis calls off the final reckoning. The player can't save the Columbia (even if you reload with an ordinance heavy fleet to take out the Basestars before they can really unload on the Columbia), nor do they really get the chance to avenge the loss, "clear the skies," or just fend off the approaching menace.

If I had my way, I'd change the approach to the mission:
BS Galactica Group jumps to coordinates as outlined in Raptor Talon, finding BS Columbia Group surrounded and heavily outnumbered. Worse, the toll of multiple tactical jumps has misaligned the FTL, such that Galactica Group appears out of initial range of Columbia Group. Nash lays into Singh, but after an initial burst of anger realizes he's taxed BSG 75 beyond its limit. Comms chatter from Columbia group grimly accounts for the odds, interspersed with the terrible squelch of Columbia's CAP going dark one after another. Nash radios Columbia actual, promising to reach the beleaguered group and bring assistance. Singh begins recalibrating FTL for a corrective jump ASAP. Even as he begins his work, multiple Cylon marks appear on the board CBDR on Galactica Group.
Of course, to remain lore friendly, Columbia must die. However, Fleet doctrine would almost certainly not allow a critical asset such as one of the twelve Jupiters to be caught alone. As such, Columbia group should have a few friendly support ships nearby, perhaps an Adamant and a Ranger. In addition to the Cylon Basestars, there would be more Revenants or Arachnes to tangle with. Basestars would still target Columbia with multiple missile and torpedo barrages, while a torrent of Heavy Raiders boards the support ships. Columbia Group is doomed, with the Battlestar hemorrhaging flame and debris from multiple salvo hits, and desperate fighting raging from deck to deck on her support ships. Saving Columbia looks almost possible, but the weight of ordinance and Raiders bearing down on the stricken Battlestar seals her fate. Columbia dies hard, but she dies.
"COLUMBIA'S GONE! Oh my Gods, Columbia's gone!" As the static scream of Columbia's comms fades from the air, Singh calls green on tactical FTL. The Cylons have destroyed Columbia, and now close in on the support ships. Galactica Group makes a perfect tactical jump to interdict the fatal blow, but the jump has seriously overtaxed the already overheated FTL drive. There won't be another FTL jump any time soon. Columbia's remaining CAP forms up with Galactica, and together they make their stand against the onrushing tide of Raiders and Cylon vessels bearing down on them. If there's any chance at pulling this out of the fire, it has to be landing Raptors on the planet below. With everything on the line, Galactica facing its own imminent destruction, the fleet successfully fends off the Cylons long enough to land Raptors near the target below. Just as it seems the Galactica can't take any more, just as the Raptors break atmo below, Armistice is reached. Cylon craft jump away, leaving wreckage and uncertainty as Sarkis calls on the fleet to stand down. Raptors report the Cylon asset below jumped away, but they have recovered a downed Viper pilot and a few survivors below. The War is over, but at what cost?

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Re: Battlestar Columbia *Spoilers*

Post by Edmon » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:52 pm

I don't think @edmon works on this forum, but I am lurking around looking at new threads so I just happened to see this :D.

Spoilers man, I have only just really started playing BSG :D.

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