Astra Exodus - v1.01.05 Update

Astra Exodus is a single player turn based Sci-fi 4X strategy game inspired by the classics, with a multiple choice narrative driven epic campaign, top down real time tactical battles and an extensive semi-randomized research grid.
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Astra Exodus - v1.01.05 Update

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:14 pm

We are releasing a new update for Astra Exodus, bringing the game to version 1.01.05.

This update consists in a number of fixes and additional polish. You can find the full changelog down below. Let us know what you think of it, and if you have further feedback for us don't hesitate to tell us please.


+ Added an option to restrict the maximum number of autosaves per game session. The default number is 20, but it can go up to 100.
+ Got around a problem when loading saves that contain references to designs which are no longer valid, by loading them anyways (they might have been valid in a previous version)
+ Fixed a problem which resulted in an incorrect colony hunger calculation, based on the rouding of float numbers(extremely rare!), even when they had freighters bringing enough food.
+ Fixed a bug with the Researcher hero skill, which was not adding the correct number of research bonus, after game load
+ Fixed stat/description problems for Neutron Lance and Advanced Capacitor modules
+ Now most heroes notifications are auto removed, after the player has taken a look at them, without clicking on the notification itself
+ Now most starsystem notifications are auto removed, after the player has taken a look at it, without clicking on the notification itself
+ Now most colony notifications are auto removed, after the player has taken a look at it, without clicking on the notification itself
+ Added a way to move a group of colonists, instead of only one, when managing a colony's laborer. Basically all to the right of the one selected, are also moved in the operation.
+ The game now hides non valid designs, even if they somehow exist
+ Fixed a problem when a design is modified outside the game and is no longer valid, when an older file save is loaded
+ Fixed a problem in which power consumption bonuses for some specializations was not being correctly applied
+ Fixed a bug in which the prevoiusly selected starship design, was overwriting the new one specializations in some cases
+ Fixed a problem in which the ETA of population only fleets, was not being reflected in the true number of turns
+ Fixed a bug in which the incorrect total materials consumed would be shown at the start of the turn, until some laborer was moved or some other action was performed, which updated the colonies resource consumption
+ Added an Astraportal indicator to the starsystem info ui object
+ Fixed a bug in which the player couldn't remove a core module from a design in the quick designer
+ Added edge screen camera panning down and up experimentally. I added this by having the zone start slightly below the bottom buttons text.
+ Made sure late game campaign eleksun weapons, do not show in the quick designer
+ Fixed text misspellings with the starship tactics and the campaign briefing
+ Made sure bigger ships start in the center of formations in space battles
+ Added a notification for when a colony is idle, which was never shown due to the automatic industry conversion
+ Suggested techs to research now include their field so they are easier to find
+ Added a tooltip explaining gravity effects on a planet/colony
+ Added a datanet notification when a colony reaches max population
+ Made sure that when a new pop is born, it doesn't go to research if you are not researching anything
+ Reduced industry output to 2, to make the game a bit slower, specially in the early game
+ Fixed the Improved Shields tech stats that was showing 1500% instead of 150%
+ Show the research field the tech belongs to, when offering for trade, in the audience screen
+ Made sure that the autosave fires at end turn, if it didn't at the beggining of the turn, due to pending battles/proposals
+ Added a control to be able to focus a colony's labor directly from the colonies panel
+ Fixed an issue that happened when editing a colony name and switching the view to an outpost, the outpost would change name to that said colony
+ Expanded habitability tooltips to mention how it affects morale and how it can be improved through terraforming
+ Fixed a campaign bug, related to special techs received as reward for earlier mission objectives, which was preventing file load in the later missions of the campaign
+ Added the might to stationed menace fleet tooltips
+ Improved the wording of the specialization tech picks, as it is not clear that they increase once you research at least one tech per level, out of all the 9 research fields.
+ Auto retreat now skips systems with an enemy fleet if possible
+ Fixed an issue with wormhole connection lines not showing up when they should in multiplayer games
+ Fixed a bug that was allowing the player to somehow go over the specialization pick limit
+ Added the ability to load filesaves from older versions, which are compatible with the current one
+ Fixed a bug in which a governor could not be assigned to some starsystems, which had all or pretty much all planets colonized

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Re: Astra Exodus - v1.01.05 Update

Post by eddieballgame » Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:21 pm

Thank you

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