So, what makes Master of Magic so great?

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Re: So, what makes Master of Magic so great?

Post by foolishvictor » Sun Dec 20, 2020 5:19 pm

I just found Caster of Magic no GOG and this is my first post at Slitherine!

What makes this game great?
1. It is superficially very simple.
2. In its day it was buggy and flawed. A lot of people played the game and could only hope for a more stable version with better AI. That may not be a lot of people but time and provided that better version...
3. The choices that player makes in designing their wizard matter. A single spell book or other retort can make a big difference in the game.
4. Despite the choices you make in designing your wizard the game's randomness requires the player to adapt their approach to it.

To be honest I played Master of Orion 2 back in the day and was disappointed with MOO3. They added complexity where it was not needed. I found Master of Magic on GOG years ago and have been playing since.

I am curious and hopeful for Caster of Magic 2!

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