Fantasy General in a nutshell - should i play it ?

Fantasy General II - Invasion is the reimagination of the strategy game classic from the 90s!

Armies once again draw battle-lines on the war-torn land of Keldonia, and a new generation of commanders will test their bravery and tactics against each other. Fantasy wargaming is back!
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Fantasy General in a nutshell - should i play it ?

Post by lapdog666 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:04 am

i come from the games like Gladius ,Endless legend , Field of glory 2 , Paradox grand strategies etc

i guess the best game to compare Fantasy general 2 is gladius (out of these mentioned). so what would be the main difference you 'd say? I am strictly interested in Multiplayer. SP would be only for testing/lore.
as far as i noticed in MP you do not build any bases. Also what is the best part of the gameplay? is it diverse units or mechanic, or both?

Another thing , how viable is the game in MP. is it balanced , is MP just a side thing?

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Re: Fantasy General in a nutshell - should i play it ?

Post by eddieballgame » Thu Nov 26, 2020 8:50 am

I would not compare FG II to Gladius.
Main reason is there is no civ-like base building & expansion.
Also no tech tree though there is a tree of some sort relating to unit advancements & improvements, to include finding equipment to improve a particular unit during the campaigns & skirmishes.

There is also some exploring for 'goodies', though the scenarios are on a turn limit time table. (which can be turned off in random skirmishes.
Either in campaigns or skirmishes the game is about battling armies & roaming creatures.
All good fun to be sure, & probably one of the games that most resembles this one is FoG II. imho

Multiplayer is also fun but must be done via Slitherine's PBEM system.
Sadly, like another great game Sanctus Reach...there is no 'true hotseat'.
A crime if ever there was one. :)

Oh, & to answer your question...yes.

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Re: Fantasy General in a nutshell - should i play it ?

Post by kaizes » Sat Nov 28, 2020 1:26 pm

I agree with the comments above, talk more at yowhatsapp

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