Some issues in the game : spending PP for "no reason", mouse clicking delay, lack of intel sources

Afghanistan '11 changes the paradigm of wargaming and manages to bring Counter-Insurgency and guerrilla warfare to your screen, properly represented thanks to a revolutionary gameplay formula!
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Some issues in the game : spending PP for "no reason", mouse clicking delay, lack of intel sources

Post by swistou » Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:25 am

l played the game several times, completed a number of skimishes, and missions in the playable campaign.

There is my evaluation for the game, a interesting one (context, units, scale), good graphics, but plugged with few issues :

1 : why unit which conduct displacement /actions other than combad consumes political point ? When traveling from a point A to a point B (road, dirt road, making delivery of food, FOB ammo /fuel/ammo, rations. that is strictly purely internal military actions fot logistics, , the cost of unit should already implment this. This is a "nonsense" that the displacement of any vehicule/ infantry unit (helo, infantry, MRA,etc.) on a road/ in the air does consumes impact political point ! It is for me, a BIG issue in the game ! When traveling any vehicules, you should NOT costing any political point ! Bad strategic decision, losses /win combats, mines affecting units, endings of election, buying unit/rotate units OK for gaining or loos political points ! But working in logistics, other than detonate mines, actions resulting in combat, buying unit, rotate unit it is not a logical manner to use political point in the game. A real problem, that impeach the gamer making lkogical moves, of unit tocolle'ct intel, making movements , that is a stupid issue for me This HAS to be corrected in a future upgradfe of the game to give that game a "better scope of interest". Political do not works on logistics !

2 : The delay of the left click and the time the actions are done again with the left click is a problem (unit selection/deselection, hex selection, traveil). It has to be accelerated, and need to be corrected too. I lost constant amount of time to select desselect and tune the movement of my units because of that delay between. I have a pretty good PC. So I do'nt understand why there is SO much delay !.

3: why there is no sigint like satellites / phones intel coverage / cia intel / village informants to add ? You can add a cost of political point / per turn for example ? The tab on the intel map give only tendencies, not precise information, for every actions we make, we have again to stupidly loose political point to displace trucks, vehicules, troop to gain that "intel"... that is "the snake that bites its tail".

4 : for the skirmish, you must give that an oppottunity to make an operation, not always have the handover to ANA.

IF you correct theses "problems" the game will be very nice to play, and we will lose less time setting movements, plannifing unit movements, and advance in the game & the replayability will be EXCELLENT !

If not ..when, forget buying any dlc or any other add-ons plugged by the issues N°1 & 2 of the current game. that lwould be a shame, it is a very unusual and pleasant game on the other hand.

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