Caster of Magic for Windows Update 1.01.00

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Caster of Magic for Windows Update 1.01.00

Post by SamSlitherine » Mon Jun 21, 2021 1:29 pm

We're releasing a new update for Caster of Magic for Windows!

This update brings with it a lot of added modded support that you can find listed below in the changelog!

As always, your feedback is important to us so we can keep improving the game so please let us know!

-Fixed ingame help for constitution text containing "defense" instead of "health"
-Fixed bug : Losing Smithy in an outpost triggers a building destruction report, allowing players to access the production queue of the outpost.
-AI Combat attack priority bonus for enemy spirit on node tile is now a "*2" applied last instead of a "+100%" applied first.
-Fixed bug : When Earth Gate movement fails due to no room at the destination, the movement order is not cancelled.
-Nodes warped by Warp Node will display "Warped Node" in the surveyor.
-Added MODDING.INI options : Amount of starting, weak and strong lairs to generate
-Added MODDING.INI options : Treasure amounts and budget costs
-Added MODDING.INI options : Neutral city amount
-Total amount of various treasure types to be generated is now logged in debug mode.
-Fixed bug : fleeing as a defender next to a lake can cause fleeing onto the lake and drowning.
-Fixed bug : Stealth items require 5 Death books instead of 3.
-The "Auto" function in combat will no longer target enemies immune to a spell regardless of the Targeting Aid setting.
-Fixed bug : Militarist war declaration text from Maniacal wizards is sometimes empty
-Fixed bug : It was possible in 4 or fewer player count games for the AI to get targeted by elimination wars and retire/get removed early when that wasn't intended.
-Base RP cost of Spell of Mastery is now read from the spell table (spells.ini/dat) instead of being hardcoded, this applies at the beginning of the game.
-Ore percentages are now read from the external ORE.INI file instead of the hardcoded ore table.
-Chaos Channels no longer adds Fire Breath on ranged units, similar to the DOS version. However, it can still add Fire Breath to units that have Thrown, Gaze or Lightning Breath.
This change can be disabled in MODDING.INI, which enables Chaos Channels to roll Fire Breath on ranged units again.
-When a Monster Invasion event generates no monsters due to small map size, unlucky rolls, or all valid tiles being blocked by units, the event notification will not appear. If the amount successfully generated is fewer than 3 stacks of units, the word "many" will be replaced by "a few" in the event text.
-The AI will always prioritize targeting Drain Power at a wizard casting the Spell of Mastery higher than anyone else.
-When the AI could target a player who is casting Spell of Mastery with Drain Power, there is an additional, high chance to cast Drain Power, regardless of curse priorities.
-Volcano new ore generation probabilities are now read from ORE.INI
-Volcano revertion chance and terrain type is now read from ORE.INI
-Added MODDING.INI options : Wizard elimination feature
-When there are more than 10 Score Modifiers active, the scoring screen will not display them all, instead, a single line "Score Modifiers" will be displayed with the cumulative modifier.
-Knowing Spell of Mastery now makes all of the wizard's spells uncounterable, including overland spells and Spell of Mastery itself.
-Added MODDING.INI option to restore original Spell of Mastery behavior
-Adjusted AI to recognize the new Spell Blast/Spell of Mastery rules, depending on the modding.ini setting.
-Added MODDING.INI option : Total number of picks avalable for wizards
-Added MODDING.INI option : Maximal retorts allowed at the beginning of the game
-Added MODDING.INI option : Maximal total retorts allowed
-Added MODDING.INI option : Change the behavior of toggle buttons on the Production screen to display what becomes active after the button is pressed instead of what is active currently.
-Added right clickable help to the INFO menu describing each advisor.
-Added MODDING.INI options : Raider spawn frequency, Rampaging monster spawn frequency, Rampaging monster stack strength
-Hero data is now external in HeroData.INI.
-Building data is now external in Buildings.INI.
-Fixed bug : Melee attacks don't apply the suppression effect even though they should
-Adding the line "Disabled=True" to any spell in Spells.INI will have the same effect as "Everything Nice" has on curses. (Reminder : You have to delete the spells.dat file to force the game to recompile it!)
-Fixed bug : Diplomacy message after SoM War Declaration is sometimes empty
-Fixed bug : Stealth units are right-clickable in the UI even though they are not visible
-Added Guaranteed Early Rare Spell feature for wizards who have chosen 10 books in a single realm. Two rare spells can be selected. These two spells are guaranteed to appear for research before any other Rare spell the wizard has on their research list the same way as Create Artifact does for Artificer wizards. When Artificer was also chosen, Create Artifact appears first, then the two selected rare spells.
-Added AI code to pick guaranteed early rares for 10 book AI wizards.
-The AI will only delay researching Divine Order if they have 3 Chaos or Death books instead of 2.
-Rangers no longer require a Forester's Guild to build.
-Cities can now have up to 48000 population.
-Added MODDING.INI option : city maximal population cap.
-Fixed bug : After a Marriage event, map visibility is not recalculated.
-Fixed bug : Units that cannot be healed are affected by the Healing and Heroic Heart spell anyway
-Change Terrain now costs 28 MP
-Adjusted the effect of Abundance. New effect is :
Increases the base maximal population of the enchanted city to 18 but by a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9.
-Gaia's Blessing now removes Corruption faster. (20->25%)
-Gaia's Blessing now converts Volcano to Forest and removes it faster (10->25%)
-Gaia's Blessing now converts Swamp to Forest. (10%)
-Altar of Peace now costs 100 MP instead of 120 MP
-Sanctify now costs 50 MP instead of 70 MP
-Volcano terrain now counts as a Mountain (+7% production) for the owner's cities only.
(Volcanoes that appear naturally on Volcano terrain have no owner)
-The AI will use Raise Volcano to convert their own Desert and Swamp tiles in addition to their Tundras.
-Adjusted AI Change Terrain targeting to recognize the maximal population value set in modding.ini
-Adjusted AI Abundance targeting to match the new spell effect
-Inspirations RP cost is now 3200, casting cost is 150.
-Mass Healing RP cost is now 4000
-Holy Word RP cost is now 4800
-Prosperity casting cost is now 120, Gold Bonus is now 77%.
-Race data is now external in Races.INI
-Stream of Life and Nature's Cures can now heal units to full health even if they suffered excess damage over their maximal hit points due to losing a maximal hp boosting effect.
-Fixed bug : Magic Power settings had 1 level higher effect than intended (+0.25 power/tile more)
-Fixed bug : Your own nodes warped by your own Warp Node spell don't generate half the power twice, only once.

Have a lovely day everybody!

The patch can be downloaded from the games launcher, the product page - ... or-windows or directly from here ...

Happy Gaming everyone!

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