Master of Magic Classic v1.01.01 is available

Master of Magic is a classic, one of the most popular strategy games of the 90s. It is a 4X fantasy strategy game that allows you to play as an extremely powerful wizard, leading your troops and overcoming your magical opponents.
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Master of Magic Classic v1.01.01 is available

Post by Edmon » Thu Jul 15, 2021 3:05 pm

We're releasing a new update for Master of Magic Classic!

One key feature of this update is the new Tile Mode setting. This setting will allow you to use the original tiles from Master of Magic. The tileset images are located in the data/tiles folder. We would like to thank to Drake178 for making this feature possible by providing the extracted original tile data as well as the code required to allow them to be displayed correctly.

This update also brings with it a lot of added modded support that you can find listed below in the changelog!

As always, your feedback is important to us so we can keep improving the game so please let us know!


• Fixed bug : Immolation ability wasn't read from units.ini, causing Doom Bats to not have the ability.
• Fixed bug : There was no check for the 6 hero limit on hero summoning/resurrection spell resolution, only when the spell is started. This can result in players having more than 6 heroes, if they hire one while the spell is being cast, leading to crashes.
• Fixed bug : Animate Dead doesn't remove unit curses from the raised unit.
• Fixed bug : Leave Me Alone option prevents AI from building at less than 6 distance instead of less or equal to 6.
• Added new Modding.INI option : Node tiles are ignored by Wizard's Pacts
• Fixed bug : When fleeing/retreating, Regeneration and Supreme Light doesn't restore the health of living units.
• Fixed bug : On extremely small planes (Y height 10 or less), the Plane button causes the game to crash.
• Clarified ingame help to mention Logistics can be Super.
• Sandbox Mode and Against the World score modifiers are now mutually exclusive.
• Fixed bug : Against the World option sets the player to be at war with himself and AIs to be allied with themselves. (This has no effect on gameplay)
• Updated manual and ingame help to show correct food production for Granary, Farmer's Market and Forester's Guild instead of the amount used in the DOS version.
• Fixed bug : The human player can't see or target their own Stealth units in the overland unit view list.
• Updated Prosperity ingame help text.
• Fixed bug : Miner's Guild and Dwarven Ore Gold Bonus were not included in the base gold amount used for global gold bonus percentage effects.
• Fixed bug : It's possible to click Done,Wait,Spell,Flee during Auto combat and doing so can cause the game to crash.
• Fixed bug : Volcanoes removed by Gaia's Blessing, Roots of Genesis, natural revertion or Change Terrain still produce power.
• Legacy Mountains is no longer a setting, it is instead available as "AlternateMountains" in Modding.INI
• New setting : Legacy Tileset. This will use the original tiles from Master of Magic. The used tileset images are located in the data/tiles folder.
• (Many thanks to Drake178 for making this feature possible by providing the extracted original tile data as well as the code required to sort them to a displayable order!)
• Fixed bug : When monsters destroy a city, it sometimes isn't destroyed when it has more than 31000 population.
• Fixed bug : Regeneration, Herb Mastery and Bloodsucker had no effect on units that can't heal naturally even though they should have.
• Fixed bug : Exaltation cast on units that cannot be healed adds the wrong amount of bonus health
• Fixed bug : Exaltation cast on units that cannot be healed might prevent regeneration as though the unit took irrecoverable damage.
• Fixed bug : Requeue All setting had no effect
• Fixed bug : You cannot raze a city that used to be your fortress while being banished.
• Population growth will no longer apply while a city is being razed
• Fixed bug : Purifying a tile near a city can cause units to disband due to lack of food.
• Fixed bug : Consecration purified each tile at a 20% chance per turn instead of 100%.
• Fixed bug : "number of combat attacks done this turn" variable is only reset between turns but not when entering/leaving combat on units. This can cause the Haste spell to grant an incorrect amount of movement for the first turn.
• When a unit immobilized by a curse (Web, Stasis, etc) receives a movement boosting buff, it will no longer gain extra movement and stays immobile for the rest of the turn.
• When the production list in cities would show more than 18 items (due to modding, or in very rare cases, in orc cities), scroll buttons will appear instead of crashing.
• It is now possible to cancel Animate Dead and Raise Dead while in the menu.
• Fixed bug : In dispel report messages, the old way of handling large number of spells was not removed, resulting in messages such as "7 spells and 3 more have been dispelled" instead of "7 spells have been dispelled"
• Fixed bug : Dispel/Counter report window is shown under monthly report instead of above
• Fixed bug : AI targets the same city with Cloud of Shadows more than once
• Fixed bug : New minerals event can generate ores on top of Nodes.
• Default spell for Magicians or other normal units is now changeable in Modding.INI
• Number of spells and starting picks allowed per book is now moddable in Spells.INI
• Default spell picks are now moddable in Spells.INI. (These are the spells already selected when entering the spell pick screen or what you get when picking a default wizard. These settings don't affect the AI. AI starting spell modding will be added in a future update.)
• Fixed bug : Disrupt and Crack's Call doesn't refresh combat movement matrix for the selected unit, so the destroyed wall tile remains impassable until another unit is selected.
• Fixed bug : Own invisible units are not visible in the outpost window
• Fixed bug : AI Dispel Magic priority calculation result has no effect

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Re: Master of Magic Classic v1.01.01 is available

Post by Suppanut » Sat Jul 17, 2021 11:40 am

Although update notification of this version is appear on steam, but for some reason steam not yet update the game to this version. I don't know where should I report this problem so I report it here.

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