FOG2 Ancients v.1.5.40

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FOG2 Ancients v.1.5.40

Post by MarcoT. » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:32 pm

The Version 1.5.40 of FoG 2 Ancients is out now, here's the patch notes:

  • ZOCs and Permitted Charges:
    A unit that is in the primary ZOC of one or more enemy units could already charge any of those within a 45 degree arc of the unit’s front. It can now also charge an enemy unit in the square directly to its front if it is in that unit's secondary ZOC. This is intended to remove the deliberate or inadvertent contact-delaying effect of each unit in a line of units turning to face diagonally. Please report any potential issues.
  • ZOCs and Breakoffs: ZOCs no longer prevent breakoffs from close combat. They still prevent voluntary Fall Back moves.
  • Heavy Artillery: Heavy Artillery can now move until they have shot once. This is intended to make Heavy Artillery more useful in the game. It does not represent them actually moving while fully assembled, but represents them being set up within range of the enemy. Note that this change will not affect any games that have already been started.
  • POAs:Adjusted the code for the “Missile troops defending other obstacles” POAs, so that missile units with close combat capabilities (e.g. Sparabara, Assyrian-style or Byzantine mixed foot) don’t get the full effect in addition to their POAs from their close combat capabilities. Note also that the line in the POA table should in fact read “Missile troops defending obstacles”, because if the unit is defending actual fortifications, the POA is additional to the POA for the fortifications.
  • In the Tutorial scenarios, popups with information about enemy unit types now only appear if you left-click on the unit, rather than simply mouse over them. This is intended to reduce the barrage of popups.
  • Irish Foot and Picked Irish Foot changed to Lightly Protected. Points cost increased accordingly, to 39 and 51 respectively.
  • Legio Palatina and Late Praetorian Guard cost reduced from 78 to 75.
  • Legio Comitatensis cost reduced from 51 to 48.
Army Lists:
  • Proportion of units with Heavy Weapon reduced in Irish 900-1049 AD list.
  • Archers removed from Irish 900-1049 AD list.
  • Added some Veteran Italian Foot to Apulian list.
Map Graphics:
  • Improved shader rotates tile overlay normal maps, which improves the appearance of overlay tiles that are rotated.
  • Improved coding for shadows. (Start closer to feet).
Remote (RDP) connections:
  • Support added for remote (RDP) connections, fixing screen type/resolution issues.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug that could occasionally cause MP mirror maps to be generated differently for the two games, with one version having a coast and the other a river.
  • Hopefully fixed the occasional issue of interference by synching software corrupting MP game files, with loss of height data from the map. This version uses a different location for temporary files when saving or loading SP and MP games. This location (<appdatalocal>/temp, or if that does not exist <appdatalocal>), is one that should not be accessed by synching software. It now only uses the Documents folder for temporary files if neither of the above folders exist on the system.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent flank march units from charging enemy within charge reach when they first arrive.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent a flank charge by newly arrived flank marchers from counting as a flank charge.
  • Fixed bug that could make text from flank march message in Baggage escort scenario with Auto Force Selection overwrite the proper text for the popup showing the number of additional available generals, so that the game showed the flank march message for the same flank twice and did not show the generals message.
  • Fixed bug whereby unit breaking off from melee resolved after the end of the enemy turn (but counting as part of that turn, so not preventing it from moving in its own turn), would treat its pre-break off position as its starting position for determining validity of flank charges.
  • Fixed bug that awarded LUCKY and UNLUCKY achievements when unit triggering achievement was enemy unit.
  • Fixed bug that prevented testing charges for diagonally crossing the front of another enemy unit from working correctly in some circumstances when enemy unit is on rough terrain.
  • Fixed bug that could leave theoretical unit facing (banner facing) incorrect after pass through by a unit that started facing away.
  • Fixed “thick arrow” in firing animations for Cuman_Cav and Cuman_LH.

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