Tuesday Morning Exercises part 3

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Tuesday Morning Exercises part 3

Post by doomtrader » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:53 am

Hi All,

Nice that you drop in to the Tuesday Morning Exercises thread. In the third part I would like to tell you a little bit about one of the most important things in the game which is supplying your units.

Supply in Time of Fury is provided by Main Supply Source (MSS), which is very often located in the capital of the country. Some larger countries can have more than one MSS. Supply is needed for all land and air units in the game to fulfill their missions and accomplish all the tasks, which is Most often beating the enemy. Supply provided by MSS is equal to 30, and when unit is provided with the same level it has got full combat abilities. Usually as long as the supply is above or at least equal to 15, units are able to fight and stand against the enemy, below that value war becomes really hard and painful.

Almost every time, for countries larger than Belgium or Netherlands, there is a huge distance between MSS and a unit. If the supply will go directly from there, the supply level will become very very low. This will happen because for every hex that separates MSS and unit, supply level is lowered by the amount equal to the movement cost of motorized unit at the specific terrain type. You can easily count that the farther the unit will be able to depart from the MSS will be 30 hexes. This is why cities are used as the links in the supply chain.

Image below shows how the supply is distributed trough the cities to the units.


You can see three different situations there:
1. City is connected with MSS by land, but there is no direct railroad line connection
2. City is cut off and surrounded by enemy territory, and there is no land connection to the MSS
3. City has got railroad connection with MSS

In the first case on the left side of the image, city receives only 15 points of supply, however if the 'Own supply' produced locally by the city is higher, then the city uses 'Own supply'

In the second case in the middle, when the city is on it's own, units are supplied with the supply level based on he own supply.

Third, rightmost instance, is the easiest and most devoted situation, when city is connected with MSS by rails, so units are supplied there with the highest possible supply.

In all three cases supply is delivered from the cities to the units on the same rules, So this is really really important to capture enemy cities along the road and to be sure that the railroad connections are secured and will not fall into enemy's hands again.

I wanted to keep this part simple and easy to remember so I just completely skipped the part about supplying your units trough the ports and convoys, didn't mentioned anything about Mulberry harbors and supplying your units directly by the navy. This will probably be explained after some time.

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