Tuesday Morning Exercises part 4

PC : Epic WW2 grand strategy game covering the European theatre.

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Tuesday Morning Exercises part 4

Post by doomtrader » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:28 pm

I am a little late today, but I believe it is still morning in some parts of the world, so lets start the next Tuesday Morning Exercises.

I was wondering what to write about today and I even almost finished writing you a lot of informations about the map. But I found it a little bit boring, you can see it on the screens or during the geography class.

I think that the more interesting aspects of the game are those that describes the supply system. I know that some of it has been mentioned last time, but there are a plenty of other things worth to be told about.

Peace Supply
If a country is at peace or in other words not at war with other countries, then supply level of its units is reduced to 15. The good thing is that the units are always at least half supplied and there is possibility to slowly reinforce them to full strength.

Naval provided supply
If a unit has got no access to city or the supply provided by city is lower than 20, there is a possibility to send supplies with the use of naval units. All that must be done is sending large fleet to the coast of were the unit is stationed. Of course the unit can not be too far from the coast to keep receiving the supplies. Presence of the enemy fleet might reduce the amount of provided supply.

Mulberry harbor
If it is impossible to keep the fleet at the coast or units must enter deeper in to the mainland there is a possibility to build artificial harbor called mulberry. It is providing supply to the units like normal city but the starting point value is equal to 20.

Cut off railroads
As the supply is distributed between the cities by railroads it is very good way to catch the railroads by own fast units or by paratroopers. Even if unit won't be able to hold it, such action will cripple the enemy's supply lines. Coordinated action can even harm a whole front.

As you can see in Time of Fury war is not only fought on battlefields. Very important factor is protecting and managing rears. Otherwise it might end up in a very bad way.

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