Tuesday Morning Exercises part 5

PC : Epic WW2 grand strategy game covering the European theatre.

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Tuesday Morning Exercises part 5

Post by doomtrader » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:28 am

Hi again. Welcome all of you in the fifth part of Tuesday Morning Exercises and I'm hoping that you will have a lot of fun reading this.

Today I'll write you a couple of things about PBEM feature we have implemented in Time of Fury.

The whole system has been developed and is managed by Slitherine, and the full name of it is PBEM++. PBEM++ is a very great feature that allows to play the game and make all the dirty work managed by server. So the only thing that player has to do, is to play his turn and wait until an email, with information that the next round has started, will come.
One of the coolest things in PBEM is the possibility to play co-op game against AI. So, for example, if one player will choose UK, and the second one will choose France, they both will have a chance to destroy Germans.

PBEM++ allows to choose any scenario and create a challenge, for both your friend and completely alien person from the other side of the globe. Each created game can be protected by password which allows to accept the challenge by specific person.
There is also a possibility to easy brows all games that player is currently playing.

Also all the save games are stored in server so when playing in PBEM, there is no possibility to cheat. This is an issue very often raised by players, so I think it will be very valuable addition for all of those who like to play with living opponent.

PBEM++ is constantly improved by Slitherine, so there is no doubt that many new cool features will be added.

When creating a challenge for Time of Fury, player who is starting the game has got possibility to choose countries for himself and for potential enemy/partner. So when somebody will accept challenge and is not interested in controlling something like ten countries, he can pick just two or three of them. After that, the real war can begin.

To ease the use of PBEM and manage all the game in progress, player can use various filters that will help him to find what he is looking for.

Hope you will enjoy this kind of play, as it is really fun and entertaining.

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