Tuesday Morning Exercises part 7

PC : Epic WW2 grand strategy game covering the European theatre.

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Tuesday Morning Exercises part 7

Post by doomtrader » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:56 pm

Hello everybody!

I'm sooo late today, but this wont stop me from delivering you some information about Time of Fury.
This series of threads is supposed to be about little bit more technical issues. So I think it's the right time to tell you something about how cool for modding Time of Fury is.

The most important information is that we are going to provide you with game editor, that will allow everyone to create completely new scenario from scratch. No previous experience is needed, and no additional tools will be required*.
Let me list you what you will be able to do with the editor:

Creating a map – you can create new map of a desired size

Changing terrain type – to choose from: water, plain, hill, mountain, forest, desert, rough

Creating new cities – also ports, MSS and resources

Adding cities connections – important for AI to handle movement and providing supplies

Creating new sea zones - for naval movement

Drawing railroad lines – this is helpful for supply delivering and strategical deployment

Adding commanders – to lead the troops

Deploying units - this is the essence of the game

Changing hexes ownership – you can change owner, original owner and controller

Adjusting countries – to adapt them to your vision of struggle

Draw rivers - an important terrain obstacles

Set up fortifications - well entrenched regions

Adjust weather – to represent real conditions.

All above can be done with the simple editor, of course you must be aware, that creating large scenario is much more time consuming than creating small one. But probably this one is obvious. You can also enhance your freshly created campaign with events or even AI switches that are created in simple xml scripts.

Just to remind you, soon there should be plenty of new materials about Time of Fury, so stay tuned and wait for some more news from the development front line.

*Although notepad++ or Excel might be handy.

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