Friday Night Fever part 8

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Friday Night Fever part 8

Post by doomtrader » Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:38 pm

Welcome again. I’m hoping that you have read previous parts of Friday Night Fever and this one is the eight one for you.
Today I’m a little bit late again, but this is caused by the World Invasion Battle of Los Angeles. This is the type of movie I just need to see. If you like marines and aliens, you should see this, but of course don’t expect W40K. It’s a good action movie about killing aliens and saving the world. No more spoilers.

Last week I have spent on preparing northern version of the Barbarossa Campaign. In this scenario German forces are focused on capturing northern parts of Soviet Union, to join with Finns and to secure Soviet ports at the far north. Such strategy will allow to cut off Soviet army from resources sent by United States as a part of Lend Lease program. I think that all three Barbarossa Scenarios will allow to test in very wide range all ‘what if’ opportunities.

At the today’s screen I would like to show you the new report that we have just prepared for you.
It is losses dealt/received report that summarizes all losses dealt to and by specific country:


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