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Crete 1941 - custom scenario

Post by Erik2 » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:43 pm

(Edit: This scenario is quite different from the two stock ones in the 1941 DLC)

I am looking for playtesters for this large, single v1.05 scenario.

The scenario is meant to be played as German on General level.
This version cannot be played as Allies due to the AI being unable to handle paratroop landings.
Later I will create a German-version if the AI problem is not fixed in the meantime.
The scenario uses custom efx.pzdat, equipment.pzeqp, editor_scnparams.htm and editor_unitparams.htm files, but all custom data is added to the default data.
So you should be able to just replace the default files, but please make a backup first!
Due to the 1km map I have doubled artillery ranges and air unit movements.

There are 96 Axis and 153 Allied battalion/company sized units on a ca 205x75 1km/hex map with 30 half-day turns.
Both sides get 100 prestige points pr turn and there are 5 free unit slots for each side.
Both sides start with zero prestige points.
You will probably only afford a couple of units since repair will claim most of your prestige.

The Germans need to grab all 7 primary and 5 seconday objectives for a decisive victory.
Capturing all primary objectives by the scenario's end will give you a minor German victory.
Note that the Allies are set up as the attacker, I wanted the AI to move first to avoid giving the German player 100% info on the Allied units’ locations.

The German occupation of one of the three airfields Maleme, Rethymno and Buttercup/Iraklio will each trigger the release of a Gebirgsjäger regiment aboard their Ju52s.
Watch out for the Royal Navy, there are strong fleet detachments in Cretan waters.

This playtest is mainly to establish if the play-balance is about right.
Experienced players will probably gain a decisive win on the default Colonel level.
I have twice managed a decisive victory on turn 28 (General level), but then I am somewhat familiar with the scenario.

You can find the scenario in the first post here:

Have fun

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Post by VPaulus » Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:20 pm

Moved to the proper section and now stickied in Custom Scenarios. :)

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