GS Automatic DoW, Side Changes, etc.

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GS Automatic DoW, Side Changes, etc.

Post by amcdonel » Thu May 10, 2012 4:33 pm

To All,

I am working on the final version of the manual. One area I would like to ensure is right are all the automatic/triggered actions. Here is what I have. Any edits, changes, additions and/or deletions?

French government will now offer an armistice once Paris is captured or left empty after June 27th 1940. 

Vichy France will now activate both in Northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia) and in Southern France / Corsica if French Armistice is accepted.

Free France is a new Allied minor power. Free France will not activate at a certain date, but will activate on the same turn as Vichy France is activated.

Spain will join the Allies if the French armistice offer is rejected and Casablanca, Oran, Algiers, Tunis, Rome and Paris are all Allied controlled. It's not enough that a city is neutral.

Gibraltar will be annexed by Spain if Gibraltar fortress is evacuated before USA or Russia joins the Allies. A message is shown about this annexation.

Russia will immediately join the Allies if an Axis unit is adjacent to a Iraq city or resource.

Russia will automatically DoW on Germany on turn 50 (+/-1 turn), May 8, 1942, if Axis player has not DoW on Russia.

Finland will activate for the Germans on the turn Russia activates. 

Finland joins the Axis if Russia is not active by June 22nd turn (+/-1 turn).

Finland will sign an armistice with Russia if 2+ cities in Finland / Estonia (Tallinn) are captured by the Allies and less than 6 Axis units are present in Finland.

Turkey will join the Allies if Athens, Bucharest, Sofia, Moscow, Baku and Baghdad are all Allies controlled. It's not enough that a city is neutral.

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will activate for the Axis in the Fall if 1941. The earliest possible activation for Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria is turn 20 (September 15, 1940) and will only happen this early if Yugoslavia (for Rumania and Hungary) or Greece (for Bulgaria) is invaded.

Bulgaria will immediately join the Axis if Greece is attacked AFTER the 2nd Vienna award has given them Southern Dobruja.

Romania and Bulgaria will join the Allies once Bucharest and Sofia, respectively, are captured by the Allies. A side effect of this is that the Germans might get a nasty surprise if they use
Bulgarian or Romanian units to garrison cities. These will change side when these countries join the Allies. That's especially bad if the units were garrisoning a port hex.

UK will get Iceland on turn 14 or later if Denmark is conquered. So if Denmark is conquered late then Iceland will be “conquered” by UK later. USA will get Iceland regardless in 1941 because that was not an invasion, but an agreement with the Danish ambassador and with Greenland for the USA to take control.

Iraq revolts in May 1941.

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