Early Henrican

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Early Henrican

Post by ravenflight » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:09 am

Hi All,

I've been flicking through the "Trade and Treachery" book, and the "Early Henrican" (read as "Real Late WotR: Yorkist Pretender") has peaked my interest.

I'm thinking that stake equipped Longbowmen in the flank section would be fairly tough. Naturally they can't deploy there, and with the triple move of mounted it is likely that they won't get very far before deploying stakes and sitting the game out, but it is a fairly impossible to get past, so you'll have to avoid it. So, the question begs, how would they go against foot?

They put out a LOT of fire. They have a sword, so if anyone decides to go disrupted they will be advantaged.

Who are the natural enemies of stake equipped longbowmen? Sure, there is a risk that they won't get their stakes down, but with 2 turns before it's an issue I think you SHOULD be able to roll an 8 sometime in that... right? (famous last words)

==As to the rest of the Army==

Naturally, I have to have equal or more bases of Billmen, so I'd have 5 BG's of guys armed with Heavy Weapon (inc, Man-at-Arms). A 6th Heavy Foot BG of Landsknechts (that's the Real Late WotR: Yorkist Pretender bit) and the light horse to go around making life miserable for any stragglers.

I don't think it's a killer army. It is lacking in rear support (although I may be able to use the Longbowmen in that arena at least on the flanks).

What is everyone's thoughts?

It really doesn't matter if the army is crap. I'll be building it anyway (as Yorkist Pretender for FoG:AM) but interested in seeing what others think of it's potential on the battlefield.

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Re: Early Henrican

Post by grahambriggs » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:02 am

One of the most interesting things about this army in period is the heavily armoured foot. very handy when there are a lot aof armoured enemy around.

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Re: Early Henrican

Post by Vespasian28 » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:16 pm

Henry V111 as a Yorkist Pretender, now that's ironic.

Doing a game in a couple of weeks morphing WotR into Early Henrician to see how they go against Flodden Scots. I would think the key is to get those Superior MAA and billmen into action asap and use one of the good militia billmen to give then rear support in case of hiccups.

Nice to see someone building an army even though they think it is c**p. The flipside is that I would never build early henrician simply because I loathe Henry V111 even more than his dad.

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