Shooting templates available on Yahoo Group

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Shooting templates available on Yahoo Group

Post by Schnockel » Tue Dec 24, 2013 2:46 am

I posted my first attempt at FoGR shooting templates in both 15mm and 25mm scales. Some are full arcs and some are half-arcs...the half arcs are mainly for the 25mm because of their size relative to standard paper sizes (in the US anyway). The 25mm arcs are on 11x17 inch paper...sorry, but it was the only way to fit some of them in ther.

I would appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I can always make them different.

One good way to print them is on transparency plastic. You would want the plastic to be specially made for your printer to use as some inks and toners do not stick to certain plastic films.

On the half-arcs, they are made in left and right sides so that you can cut the out and paste them to both sides of some matte board or thin card stock. Also, the arcs terminate at the center of the all you do is flip them if you need the other half.

I hope you can use them.

Speaking of that...I put a copyright on them but you are given permission to use, copy, store electronically, or even alter as long as the original copyright text is maintained. If you need other permissions, you aren't sneaky enough :twisted:


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