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Survival tactics in Normandie!

Hey guys, we’d like to give you all some hints for your battles in Heroes of Normandie: we all love when a good plan comes together so here are some heads-up!


1. Campaigns: Missions in campaign mode are not randomly generated. Each one has been crafted by hand, and tested, a lot. So you can be sure there are right strategies (yes, more than one) to “solve” them.

2. Rogue is a different beast; still crafted by hand and strategy-dependent, they are more like hardcore battles for veteran players. You need to master most of the game tactics in order to have a chance here; you also need units knowledge and experience as you will personally pick your army every mission you face.

3. Skirmish is intended for players to train and play around with units. If you are playing the campaign and want to experiment with something different (and play some new units too) this is the mode to play.


4. Scan the battlefield before acting. Look for cover (three types, with different stats: bush, forest and hedgerow. If not sure right-click on them), look for avenues of approach to the objective and, finally, look for sandbags and houses (could be deadly if garrisoned).

5. Inspect the armies. Identify your strengths and weakness and do the same with the enemy. Pitch your best against their worst. Also, take a look at where are your enemy’s stars; killing officers hurt the enemy a lot.
Remember, right click is your friend; skills are key so be sure to know your guys’ abilities before getting down to battle.

6. Objectives not carnage. More often than not you have precise objectives, not a kill count. So don’t get distracted by kill opportunities and stay focused on the objectives (and mind the turn limit!).


7. Manouver but not too much. Inspect your units’ movement allowance and visualize where you want them to be in order to maximize their defense (with cover) and their firepower (with clear line of fire). Always go in ambush mode if your unit can: while hidden units cannot be fired upon!

8. Use those scouts! Recon units seem useless to the novice players, that’s a big error. Not only they can run (4 tiles movement) and hide, which make them perfect for fetch missions… they can also throw grenades making up for their weak firepower. Nothing more satisfying than tossing a bomb to a couple of enemy units while laying undetected!

9. Check your weapons! You may have special equipment: from the get-go, carried over as prize from the last mission or obtainable by grabbing a box. Ammos, grenades, panzerfaust, veteran tokens can all turn the tide of a battle!
10. Consider sacrifices. A box of grenades can be worth some risk; just make sure not to send officers to get them!


11. Check your chances before shooting (under the die); if you don’t understand the chances look at the right bar and mouse-over the different modifiers. Remember: firing at more than 7 tiles of distance causes a -2 penalty.

12. Assaulting is your friend, suppressive fire is your best friend!
In the game you will encounter incredible assault specialists; they can hurt the enemy a lot. Inspect your units, if they have the little bayonet icon it means they assault throwing two dice, these are the units to use! If they have “+1” or “+2” beside the bayonet even better!
If you have low chances in assault try to suppress the enemy before assaulting (give orders accordingly): this requires careful planning.
Pro tip: if you win an assault and the enemy has nowhere to retreat (ex. river, house wall) he will die instead of loosing one step!

13. Be wise with your officers. Loosing an officer early in a mission can be devastating. This should dictate to be cautious with them. Yet sometimes you urgently need a fast and assault-capable unit: officers can do that (and they also have two step, so you can afford to have them hit once). So, keep them safe but not completely away from the battle.

Vehicles and tanks

14. Vehicles. Remember the pesky Zundapp moving, fire and then moving back in cover? Guess what? You can do the same! It’s the “fire on the move” ability and it’s not exclusive to the Zundapp!

15. Play with the initiative. Initiative can be deadly if you carefully plan ahead. If you know you will act first in the next turn you have a nice advantage: get in position in the supply phase and attack in the first activation of the next turn!

16. As for tank warfare, three little tips you should try to make the most of.
a. Always mind the different armor stat on different sides
b. Initiative-play can make the difference in a tank duel
c. Tanks are slow and they cannot spot hidden units

That’s it guys, we think this could serve as a first strategy primer for your first steps in Normandie!

Also, let’s use this thread as some kind of strategy board: if you have questions concerning this topic fire away!

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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