Command: Northern Inferno Screenshots revealed!

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Command: Northern Inferno Screenshots revealed!

Post by Daniele » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:41 pm

“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants” – Omar Bradley, published in Collected Writings, (1967)

Take a closer look on these stunning screenshots about the upcoming wargame Command: Northern Inferno, a stand alone of the ultimate military simulator Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations, featuring a perilous Norwegian Sea, Soviet positions heavy pounded, a great duel in open waters and more!

The game will be released on October 22nd!

Get more information about Command: Northern Inferno from its official product page

The game is a standalone for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, 2013's Wargame of the Year. You can play as a single, separate game, or you can add it to your collection of scenarios for CMANO

1) The Norwegian Sea is flooding with suspect submarine contacts! Some of them are whales or fish flocks. Others may be allied NATO submarines. Many of them, however, are indeed Soviet submarines. Which is which? And how will you deal with the bonafide threats?

2) The Russians are coming! A large surface group has been detected making headway towards Lakselv. With just a handful of fast attack craft and a squadron of old fighters, can the invasion force be stopped on its tracks?

3) Torp away! After getting a hard fix with an active sonar pulse, the USS Tunny fires a Mk48 torpedo at an unidentified but presumed Soviet submarine. Will the shot be true? And who else may be lurking in the background, ready to take a shot at Tunny herself?

4) Gun duel! The cruiser Newport News trades blows with a squadron of Soviet surface raiders, while the imposing Sverdlov-class heavy cruiser Alexandr Nevskiy rumbles in the background. Dare the Grey Ghost close in to engage?

5) Air raid warning! The UK air defence network is on full alert. RAF's Victor tankers, Shackleton AEW pickets and Phantom interceptors are patrolling the GIUK gap north of the British isles to respond to intruders. What will be the cost of defending the crown?

6) Shore bombardment: A NATO surface group centered on the battleship USS Iowa is pounding Soviet positions around Keflavik airport.

7) Nuclear strike! A hail of SRAM missiles launched from US B-52 bombers begins arriving at their targets in the Kola peninsula. The destructive blast waves from the first impacts are already blooming, and many more missiles are on their way.

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