Britcon, & International Events in 2018

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Britcon, & International Events in 2018

Post by madaxeman » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:02 am

This year we had 175 players taking part in Britcon (comapred to 171/173/176/165 over the previous 4 years if you are wondering!) - and, apart from a handful of unexpected fire alarms the whole weekend certainly felt like it went smoothly (well, it certainly did when viewed from the Command Bunker...) and the feedback we had from many of the players would seem to support that too.

We've been busily posting photos on our Facebook Page throughout the weekend, so you may be able to find a few shots of your own army on there too - and we will also look to have all of the results from all our events posted to our website in the next couple of days.

We've also now set up a BHGS Facebook "Group"which you are invited to join and start posting stuff onto. Whilst this is all a bit confusing (even to us) what we think this means is that if you've liked the BHGS "Page" we can use it to put BHGS announcements and news into your timeline, and if you've joined the BHGS "Group" you can use it to post your own stuff up there, and use it to chat with other people who are also in the BHGS "Group". Or, for older gamers, its just like a Yahoo Group, but with more pictures.

Next up for the BHGS is the Ancients Doubles on the weekend of 23/24 September, with events for L'Art de la Guerre, FoGAM, Mortem & Gloriam and DBMM at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. The same venue hosts the BHGS Flames of War Pairs over the weekend of 30th September & 1st October

We are also working with the organisers of the Derby Worlds this year to support their gaming competitions. The Derby Worlds take place in a shiny new venue at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire over the weekend of 7th & 8th October and features team events for L'Art de la Guerre, FoGAM, FoGR and DBMM, as well as Bolt Action and Mortem & Gloriam individual events plus a host of other competitions and periods. You can book into the Derby Worlds events via the Derby Worlds website.

Next year Roll Call will return to Cranfield over the weekend of 7th & 8th April (we should have the website set up to take bookings in the next few weeks) and also The BHGS Challenge will again be back at UK Games Expo at the NEC on the weekend of 1st-3rd June.

With our first year at the NEC safely under our belts, we are also planning to increase the number of rounds at The BHGS Challenge, so next year most periods will be back to the "5 or more" games format from when we were in Oxford - we're just finalising the details now and hope to have them published by the end of September.

In tandem with this, the BHGS have also been chatting to some of our counterparts in other countries with the aim creating (or more accurately, "nominating") one event each year to be the "International Challenge" for historicals gaming across all of the rulesets we currently offer, and we're delighted that the group of people involved in hosting what some fo you may know as the "The Worlds" events have agreed that in the current multi-ruleset environment that this is a good way forward to - and so everyone involved has agreed that the BHGS Challenge will be the first event to hold this status.

This all may sound a bit complicated, but basically it means that next year we - and other people in other countries - will be encouraging international players to attend The International Challenge at The BHGS Challenge, and as a result hopefully you can look forward to facing a more international set of opponents at the BHGS Challenge than ever before!

Once again, many thanks to those of you who took part in this years Britcon

The BHGS Britcon Team
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