Procedurally generated historical maps

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Ursa MAior
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Lance Corporal - Panzer IA
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Procedurally generated historical maps

Post by Ursa MAior » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:15 am

After having read the article at about the coming Panzer Corps 2 an open question at the latter part of that article has prompted me to open this topic and to ask your opinion.

As of me being a military history fan and expert, I have been playing played computer wargames since 1990. I consider myself somewhere halfway between a grognard and a casual strategy game fan. I enjoyed immensely playing War in Russia, most Panzer Generals, later Uncommon Valor, as well as Panzer Corps to name a few from MAtrix/Slitherine titles.

While reading the article about the upcoming PC 2, the sentence which has caught my eye was about potential issues about ’doing historical battles in dynamic maps’. I think grognards play Grigby’s War int he East/West anyway, so the not so hard core players who play PC2 look for historically similar circumstances, similar or identical choices which were available at that time, and not an inch by inch reproductions of historical battlefields. I would like to see the most crucial aspect of campaigns and battles recreated, uncertainity that is. Friction and supply, as well as unpredictibility are in my opinion already well presented.

To sum it up in my opinion a little variaton in the built up areas’ locations, some change of typical landscape hexes or even alternating the distances or positions of VP locations may finally replace the meticulously researched and built up ’chess openings’ in historical campaigns/battles.
Looking forward to play PC 2 and its dynamically/procedurally generated maps.

What are your thoughts?

Edited for clarity.

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