Working with Replays

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Panzer Corps Tournament 3rd Place
Panzer Corps Tournament 3rd Place
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Working with Replays

Post by Gwaylare » Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:30 pm

To study a game you did or to write an AAR it is perfect to have a full replay of the game. The function is implemented within Panzer Corps and you have nothing to do to record a replay. The major problem is to get this replay and save it to your local machine.
In the screenshot you see the final screen of a game. This is shown if you surrender or if it just was the last turn of the game. If your opponent did end the game you have the option the view the ending screen in the results section of a the multiplayer dialog. It is important that you will be able to access this screen just once, so get it or leave it.

On the ending screen there is a save replay button right hand side. You are able to save this to a replay folder of your hard disk. After that you are able to get it with the load game dialog. In the upper right corner there is a replay tab to switch from saved games to saved replays. Open the replay and watch it or browse to it. You are able to stop the replay and choose any unit. You are able to view the last combat results for yout attacks and for opponent attacks as well.
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Re: Working with Replays

Post by PeteMitchell » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:20 pm

So I just tried to save a replay file of a multiplayer game (in hotseat mode) based on McGuba's Battlefield Europe mod, version 2.0

The replay file saved and I can get up to turn 39 (out of 80) and then PzC suddenly stops and freezes... :(
The same happened to me two years ago with a single player game of the mod, back then based on version 1.9

Any suggestions on what I could do?
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