Random Damage ?

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Random Damage ?

Post by TheSkirmishLord » Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:58 am

I admit I have limited WH40K knowledge but it seems the damage from units is completely random.

I was playing a multiplayer game and had a large knight unit. I checked what the expected damage was if I shot the enemy's tank with it and it said "Very High". I let 'er rip with two shots for a total of NINE points of damage !!!
Next, I decided to use my unit with the Bolters to attack the same tank and the expected damage was supposed to be "Very Low". I shot the tank twice and caused 165 damage !!!
I understand that rolls decide what the damage should be but shouldn't that decide the points within a certain range? To throw random numbers out, shouldn't very low be between 10 and 50 while very high should be between 100 and 300?
There doesn't seem to be a lot of consistency in a single attack either. In both melee and ranged weapons, you can have one attack that causes over 100 points of damage while the next one causes 3 using the same units in the same positions. I agree that this isn't chess where taking an opponents piece is always a certainty but shouldn't there be SOME level of certainty as to what your attack will do ?

The armor system is somewhat mysterious as well. In single player, you can get Krak ammo updates which cause greater damage to armored units which works well but that's not available in multiplayer. What you're left with is Krak grenades, Krak missiles from missile men and meltagun units.

The problem is the meltaguns don't really cause any more damage to an armored unit than a bolter so the units are a waste of 200 points. The damage caused by Krak grenades and Krak missiles is usually in the 10 to 25 range which is unimpressive to the point of disqualifying it as an anti armor weapon. I've had cases where I've hit the same armored unit with a Krak missile and then a Frag missile and the Frag missile caused much more damage. Regardless of the roll, I don't think that should ever happen.

The only sure way to cause a lot of damage if to manage to get a unit with power weapons close enough to hit it in the side but ranged weapons are like throwing pebbles at a real tank.

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