Panzer Corps 2 Community Contest - On the hunt for historical images

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Panzer Corps 2 Community Contest - On the hunt for historical images

Post by AlbertoC » Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:36 pm

Development continues on Panzer Corps 2, and we are at a stage when we need to start creating portraits for units and heroes.

We thought it would be a good moment to engage the community in a little contest.

If you'd like to take part, you can scout the net for historical images and pictures of soldiers and officers from World War 2. Some of them will be included in the game (provided they are stock images with no copyright attached, and that they fit our requisites), and will be displayed as unit portraits in Panzer Corps 2!

Important: please make sure to state where you got the image from, so we can double check if we can legally make use of it.

We are looking for images of infantry and airforce soldiers and officers for the following armies:

United Kingdom
Soviet Union
United States of America

You can post your findings in this thread, and then the team will select them.

And now, on to the prize: anyone who posts pics which will be selected for the game will of course win eternal glory plus certain access to the Panzer Corps 2 Beta!

Let the hunt begin!

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