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Bug Report

Post by A_Wal_ » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:18 pm

I've noticed a few bugs, I'll list them separately here so they other topic doesn't get clogged in case (hoping) you're still patching the game:

Skirmish campaigns give you one less mission than they're set to.

Movement isn't included in the stats box, this would be extremely useful to know.

Ogryns have a guardsmen snd, pack leader with the axe has a power fist melee snd and Magrok has no melee snd.

When firing the first shot of a krack missile there's no projectile, it just hits the target directly but the second shot works normally.

Heralds Of Tzeentch and Pink Horrors have melee weapons and stats listed (Ceremonial Knife and Claws) but don't have melee attacks.

The Plague Drone's ability to drain hit points to heal itself doesn't heal itself.

The combat teleporter doesn't use an action but can't be used if you have no actions left.

When using the Tempestor Prime's suppression fire ability (think that's what it's called, the one that causes adjacent infantry to shoot at a target) the firing snds of different weapons get mixed up. Also if the adjacent units have actions left this ability uses one of them.

Ork burners can't use the double shot ability and the pack leader with the axe gets useless ammo abilities despite not being able to shoot.

Sometimes abilities like Demolition Charges, Smoke Grenades and Frag/Krack Grenades simply stop working, nothing happens.

Skills you already have can show up again but they don't stack so this can get your unit nurfed because that's one less ability they can have and they need more xp to level again.

Sometimes there's blue boxes where the skills should be when levelling up. If you don't click on one you don't get an ability for that level. When this happens the xp bar is slightly wonky before levelling as well, it doesn't quite line with the xp box. If you do click on one of the boxes it puts you back to the level before (the best option if this happens because you only lose a level instead of having one less skill in total for your level and requiring more xp for your next level up).

Sometimes the AI doesn't attack when it could. Maybe adding a simple check at the end of the turn for units with attacks left to see if they can attack anything instead of altering the existing AI code.

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