Version - Public Beta Patch round 2

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Version - Public Beta Patch round 2

Post by Daniele » Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:20 am

Version - Public Beta Patch round 2
(save game compatibility: see at end of patch notes)

This patch is focused on testing the new diplomacy system. See extra document posted in the forum about the main functionalities.

You can download the update from here: ... ry-empires

For Steam, it will just update if your game is on that branch already

Version Changelog

Balance and tweak to diplomacy
- Having hold of an enemy region when making a peace deal makes the region cheaper
- AI Vassals don't give back regions to human overlords anymore
- AI more reluctant to be absorbed or client-state if the other nation is not bigger
- AI will value money, metal or manpower more if low on those resources, and value less if it has enough
- AI less interested in trading units when low on money
- Small factions will be much less prone to send transactions (less spamming)
- Explicitly name winner and loser factions in clause tooltips
- Region Clause: Cost lowered significantly if at war
- Give Units Clause: Can only be done with neighbors (sea-neighbors ok)
- War control gives less penalty
- War exhaustion triggers more rapidly (emphasis on wanting to make peace faster)
- AI will want to make peace faster as War Exhaustion accrues
- AI will not propose a cooperation during a bargain if already allied
- AI will only demand or accept the Relinquish objective clause if a neighbor

Other changes
- Periplus not given if you own the region
- Too big World Factions groups lose 10% of their units per turn (depending of AI level)
- Fixed overcrowding tooltip which was erroneously mentioning region terrain and not city terrain.
- Rex Custodiae can now be built from a Palace building (if CL 3)
- Nomad herd no longer has cattle as a bonus
- Fix to a typo in Ptolemaic Egypt gameplay text
- Units: war elephants now provide two support values
- Older objectives won't be phased out if you own an adjacent region
- Fix to Stoa bug

Compatibility notes 1.05 to 1.06.5
100% compatible

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