Weird bugs with ground combat.

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Weird bugs with ground combat.

Post by Bersercker » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:09 am

Got three bugs here.
First one is: i lose a planet even though my troops are victorious when fighting manually. To reporoduce, load attached save, go to Caeleon II colony in Horogium system, disband one of the armored units (load them into transport), end turn, AI should invade this colony, fight the battle manually. AI should lose with 2 infantry vs 1 armor (takes a while though). Doesn't reproduce if i use autoresolve or if i don't disband one of the armored units.

Second one: i lose the ground combat regardless of actual result displayed after auto-resolve or manual combat when attacking an enemy planet. To reproduce, load save, make sure you don't run out of money on the next turn by moving the colonists around or increasing taxes. Go to Caeleon II colony in Caeleon system (yeah its called the same) end turn, bombard the colony (or not), regardless, the auto-resolve and manual combat most often than not leads to victory due to me having 3 infantry vs AI having 2. But when i exit the ground battle resolution screen my fleet is retreating and the planet is still in AI hands. :shock:

Third one: load the save and end turn without doing anything to prevent running out of money on the next turn. Go to to Caeleon II colony in Caeleon system again. One of the attacking ships should have been scuttled, and when i attack the planet instead of bombardement button there is stop button (as if bombardement is already in progress). Clicking it does nothing. :shock:

Not sure what causes these, planetary invasions seemed to have worked fine before.

I'm on game version 1.00.03.

Edit: finally managed to capture that planet after killing all enemy troops with orbital bombardment.
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