Join the pre-order Open Beta for Panzer Corps 2! 48 hours only!

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Join the pre-order Open Beta for Panzer Corps 2! 48 hours only!

Post by AlbertoC » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:26 pm

If you have pre-ordered the Field Marshal edition of Panzer Corps 2 on Steam you have now 48 hours of time to play Panzer Corps 2 in advance.
Are you ready? Just right click on Panzer Corps 2 in your Steam library and click on Install.

We are very interested in hearing what you think. If you have any feedback for us, don’t forget to let us know and post about it on the forum.
Panzer Corps 2 is almost there, but there are a few things which are still missing in the game.
We have prepared a full list of what still needs to be included, and will be added before release on March 19th. ... r_Corps_2/

[h3]Content and features missing in 0.9.14, but included in 1.0[/h3]

- The game is available in English only right now. The Release version will include all localizations (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Brazilian).

- Tutorial is still “work in progress” and will be given a lot of additional polish. Texts will be improved, more messages added, improved message triggers and more. The game manual needs to be finished and is missing screenshots.

- Random maps are not playable in Multiplayer in the current version, but they will be playable in the release version.

- Replay feature. Right now, it is impossible to watch finished games in Replay mode, but it will be included in the release version.

- Unit history (kill statistics and list of events) is not included yet but will be included in the release version.

- The Mission result screen will be enhanced with "change difficulty" and "review battlefield" options.

- Steam Achievements will be added

- Steam Cloud saves will be added

- Minor tweaks and improvements in AI and random map generator will continue till the very release. Random maps will get a few more additional options (e. g. what units are available, by year).


- Many sounds effects are still temporary / placeholders, and sound effects for things like aircraft movement, bombing, Stuka siren, rocket launchers, UI button sounds still need to be included. In the final release version all these sound effects will be included.
- Voiceovers for all briefings in the main campaign will be added (English only). Tutorials and single scenarios will not be voiced.
- Not all music tracks are in place yet. Out of 6 in-game tracks only 3 are present. Only German Victory and Defeat themes are included (in the release version we'll have separate themes for Allies and Soviets too)


There will be some improvement in unit animations as well, in particular bombing raids, naval guns, torpedo attacks, depth charges from destroyers. Infantry animations will be reviewed and various glitches fixed.


- Three more single scenarios will be added:

Gothic Line (GB, US forces in Italy, August 1944)
Prague Offensive (Soviet forces, May 1945)
Lorraine (US forces in France, September 1944)

Known issues

- In strategic mode selection and target markers are not properly aligned with aircraft. Flags in strategic mode are hard to see.

- In Multiplayer certain sections like "advanced options" and "ingame menu" show options which only apply to single player. These options will be removed for MP.

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