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All-time classic Panzer Corps is coming back with three new expansions for a total of fifty new scenar...
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This page gives detailed information about Gift Cards and how they work.

Gift Cards are available at a number of values from $10 all the way up to $500. Although the prices are in $, anyone in the world can purchase and use a Gift Card. On the checkout pages you can select which currency you want to work in and everything will automatically convert for you. 

Some facts about Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards can be used to purchase any game directly from site, whether it is boxed or digital download or book.  
  • Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used on any other site. They may only be used on  They cannot be used for products purchased via other sites such as iOS, Android or PSP games which can only be bought from Apple, Google or Sony.
  • Gift Cards do not apply to shipping charges. These are charged separately by the fulfillment service and at this stage we are unable to include them.
  • When redeeming your Gift Card, if the shopping cart is greater than the Gift Cards remaining balance, you can top it up with an additional payment. 
  • If the Gift Card has a greater balance than the value of the items in the shopping cart, any remaining balance, rounded down to the full $ values, is carried forwards. A new Gift Card gets created with the new balance.  
  • Gift Cards are a form of discount coupon. Only one discount coupon can be used in any single transaction. This means you cannot use a Gift Card in combination with any other Gift Card or any other discount coupon. 
  • When purchasing a Gift Card you can enter a personal message.
  • When purchasing a Gift Card you will shown a printable version of the Gift Card with your personalized message and you will also be mailed a link to this printable version. These can be printed out so that you have something physical to give in a card rather than just sending it by e-mail. There are also a number of options on how to send the Gift e-mail to the recipient.  
  • Your Gift Card code will look something like this: gift_xxxx-xxxx-xxxx_#. The x represents a lower case letter or number. Note we do not use the letters O,I,L to avoid confusion with numbers. The # is how many times the Gift Card has been used. When you first receive it this will be 0. After its first use, the gift coupon value will adjust and the _0 will change to _1. It is important to remember your code changes after use. You will be notified of your new code when purchasing and in the confirmation mail. 
  • VAT or sales tax is charged at the time of purchase of the Gift Card. No VAT or sales tax is charged when redeeming the balance. 
  • Gift Cards are valid for 1 year after purchase. After this time any outstanding balance will be lost. 
  • To redeem your Gift Card enter your code in the Coupon Code field on the checkout page and click "recalculate" to apply the coupon to your shopping cart.

If you have any questions that are not covered here please contact and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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