To End All Wars: Breaking the Deadlock

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Strategy
Setting:  World War 1
Rel Date:  24/02/2015
Langs:  English, Français
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[24 Feb 2015] To End All Wars Breaking The Deadlock Released!

“Once the mass of the defending infantry become possessed of low morale, the battle is as good as lost.” (Douglas Haig – Commander of British Expeditionary Force) Early 1915 – After a massive initial push from the Central Powers on the Western Front, the war is bogged down. Commanders from both sides protect their positions with strong defensive structures and fail t...
Battle of the Bulge

Platforms:  iPad
Genre:  Operational
Setting:  Western Europe
Rel Date:  13/12/2012
Langs:  English, Español
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[24 Feb 2015] Deal of the Week! Your chance to own the whole Shenandoah line-up!

Ipad Generals! If the sounds of clashing tanks and the roaring of artilleries are set as your alarm clock, we have something special for you! The whole Shenandoah line-up, including Battle of the Bulge, Drive on Moscow and Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein is bundled and discounted at only $ 19.99. These turn based games are set during the World War II and they will put you in co...
Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon - Untold Battles

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn based strategy
Setting:  Sci-Fi
Rel Date:  20/02/2015
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[20 Feb 2015] The War is not Over!

Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon gets a free expansion pack! "One thing you can say for enemies; they make life more interesting.” (Gilbran Quail – Imperial Essayist) Today we are very pleased to announce - thanks to the Emperor's Will of course - the release of a Free DLCof the acclaimed Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon called Untold Battles! In this new chapter of the S...
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[19 Feb 2015] Help us finish our upcoming game of tactical space combat

The Universe is a Dangerous Place In the 22nd century, we left a dying earth so that a fortunate few could settle the new home. In time, we would learn that life on a frontier colony is neither prosperous nor peaceful. Our first encounter with the creatures started with hostilities and confusion, and ended with sacrifice. Fourteen years later, our leaders remain politically entangled an...
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