Battle Academy 2

Platforms:  PC, iPad
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  World War II
Rel Date:  11/09/2014
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[14 Oct 2014] Battle Academy 2 gets updated!

Presented as “one of the most entertaining tactical-level wargames on the market today” by the Digitally Downloaded team, Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front is getting even better with its first official patch! Switching to version 1.01, the game gets rid off minor bugs for a smoother solo and multiplayer experience.

Thanks to the crucial community feedback during the
Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager

Platforms:  PC, Mac, iPad, Android
Genre:  Management Simulation
Setting:  Space
Rel Date:  31/10/2014
Langs:  English
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[10 Oct 2014] Ask Buzz Aldrin!

Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager is releasing very soon and we came up with a great idea! As you all know, Space Program Manager is being developed in direct cooperation with the great man himself. As an astronaut, pilot and engineer, his experiences, practical knowledge and insights have been of terrific help in making a realistic and believable gaming experience.  Now we give yo...
Pike & Shot

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  Thirty Years War
Rel Date:  16/10/2014
Langs:  English, Français, Deutsch
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[07 Oct 2014] Pike & Shot gets Release Date and Twitch Session!

Today we are happy to share with you that Pike & Shot, our upcoming turn-based strategy game focused on the Italian Wars, the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War, will be released on the 17th of October! In order to celebrate this joyous news, we will be playing Pike & Shot live on Twitch TV for you to watch. Tomorrow at 20:00 CEST (14:00 EDT) we will be broadcasting a gaming...
Espana 1936

Platforms:  PC
Genre:  Turn-Based Strategy
Setting:  Civil War
Rel Date:  02/10/2013
Langs:  English, Français, Español
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[06 Oct 2014] Deal of the Week Espana 1936

This week we take the action to Spain, with España 1936! The game covers a period rarely seen in computer games, the Spanish Civil War, and has rich historical detail and historical accuracy. It is the first computer strategy game covering the entire Spanish Civil War. You will face the real dilemmas and challenges of the Republicans or Nationalists during the war. For the duration of th...
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