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by UrbanKelly
Sat Jan 09, 2021 12:04 pm
Forum: Panzer Corps 2
Topic: SCW - What's the Point?
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Re: SCW - What's the Point?

SCW ... Additional-After-Thought-Commentary: For "Enhanced-Game-Immersion"... I would have so much liked to see to have seen for instance... some posturing and verbal support statements from "Mussolini & Adolf Hitler" for their involvement in the Spanish Civil War... In the Panzer General I played ...
by UrbanKelly
Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:49 pm
Forum: Carrier Deck
Topic: Great game - how about a VR version?
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Re: Great game - how about a VR version?

VR version would be incredible. I'm playing Fallout 4 on the PC now. I prefer to play slots or online casino games. I enjoy it more, so the news that there are more new games will make me very happy and inspiring. During the acute phase of the pandemic, I mostly played online casinos, which, althoug...
by UrbanKelly
Mon Dec 14, 2020 9:34 am
Forum: Panzer Corps 2
Topic: Finland without Finnish?!?
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Re: Finland without Finnish?!?

Pretty much the easiest thing to do was to just get any of the regular infantry sprites re-colour them a bit and slap a Finnish flag on it. Have some/a bunch of them be present as aux units on the map. At least then you could say it would've been too much of a hassle to do more for 2 missions. Peop...
by UrbanKelly
Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:58 pm
Forum: Pike & Shot
Topic: Free Web Resources - reference books
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Re: Free Web Resources - reference books

Museum of the Army, Invalides (France), rooms of artillery models , historical figurines (and musical instruments) If you need help writing laboratory reports, you can contact this company, which can easily help solve your problem.
by UrbanKelly
Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:47 am
Forum: Field of Glory II
Topic: Need some book advices
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Re: Need some book advices

...what about the Osprey series books? Nothing wrong about them. But they are always specialized on a single narrow topic. You would have to invest some nice sum, just to have all about some broad subject like Rome, Greek, Carthage etc. I suggest to buy the DVD with Slingshot back issues from 1965-...

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