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Post by bertalucci » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:54 am

MikeK wrote:Rather Frankensteinian, but one can cut the page out of the book, cut it in half, flip one half around and tape the halves together within a sheet protector to get the SOP page on one sheet.

I don't think I need it all that much, but for new players the SOP is the most important thing to have before them at all times to quickly get the flow of play to feel intuitive.
Why not just type out what you need in a format that you can read and understand - but keep the words as per the rule book, then keep it to yourself for personal use so that the 'Master' does not get angry?

Thereby nobody loses (financially) and your rule book does not get destroyed.

Obviously the issue is that a comprehensive (non profit making) QRS could possibly supplant the rule book (profitable) in some lands.
I for one don't begrudge the authors their groats but others are less constrained.

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