BHGS Events in 2020

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BHGS Events in 2020

Post by madaxeman » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:55 pm

Updated Status of BHGS Events for 2020

The UK-wide adoption of "social distancing" in response to the Coronavirus outbreak has already led to many wargames events being postponed, including some of those hosted (or co-hosted) by the BHGS. With all of the entries for Roll Call now refunded and with both the LGT and UKGE events resheduled we've been looking at how best to balance our desire to help you all get out and get gaming again as soon as possible against the challenges all of us currently face in terms of making any sort of forward plans while the current - and potentially lengthy - period of 'social distancing' remains in effect across the UK.

It's a complex issue, but where we've ended up is with the following (hopefully) clear and simple plan;

The BHGS committment to you is to:

- offer as many gaming opportunities this year as we possibly can,
- hold open the possibility of running the events we organise for as long as is sensible…
- … but also commit to cancel them as early as possible should it become obvious at any stage that any of them are not going to be viable,
- continue to offer 100% refunds on any of our own events we plan to operate but later cancel,
- continue to offer 100% refunds on cancellations at our own events for any individual wishing to drop out for personal reasons, at any time prior to the event taking place.

What does this mean for each individual event ?

Roll Call
We've now secured new dates for Roll Call at the end of the Autunm half term with the Holywell school venue, meaning that this year's event will now run over the weekend of October 24rd-25th.
Tickets will go back on sale again in a few weeks time once we've sorted things out with umpires and the like.

October is a long way away... but anyway, as of today our latest 'decision date" for Roll Call will be mid September. If there is any risk whatsoever to the viability of the event at that point in time we will cancel and refund everyone again, and look to return in Spring 2021.

BHGS Teams @ LGT
The LGT has been rescheduled to September 26th-27th

All existing bookings for the LGT have been rolled over to the new dates and anyone who has bought a ticket for events at the LGT should already have been sent an email by the LGT organising team detailing how these changes impact them and what to do if they can't make the new date.

The BHGS will continue to support all of the historical rulesets on offer at the LGT currently under our banner (currently FoGAM, ADLG, MeG, DBMM and DBM)

The BHGS doesn't have any input into the commercial side of the LGT event, so any decisions regarding the staging of this event remain the responsibility of the main organiser.

We're continuing to work on the assumption that Britcon will be able to go ahead on the weekend of 7th-9th August as planned.

If the UK is still operating under "social isolation" at the end of June we will look to cancel the event and refund all bookings in full. If so, Britcon will not be rescheduled and the next edition will be held in 2021.

As of today, the Uni is unable to confirm whether they'll be able to offer "student style" accommodation this year, however and other sites are offering penalty-free cancellations on all forward bookings right now, so this is probably a better option anyway if you want to completely de-risk your total cost of attendance.

BHGS Challenge @ UKGE
UKGE has been rescheduled to August 21st-23rd

Yes, this is just 2 weeks after Britcon - but in the interests of creating as many dice-rolling opportunites as we can for as many of you as possible the BHGS remains fully committed to supporting all of the rulesets currently on offer under the BHGS banner at UKGE (currently ADLG, DBMM and FoGAM).

Some of you may be able to make both events, some just one of the two - either way we want to give you every chance we can to get back rolling dice this year.

UKGE's policy is that your booking will lapse and they will refund you automatically unless you tell them otherwise. If you have an existing booking, you therefore need to log onto your UKGE account and confirm that you wish to your booking to be transferred to the new dates before April 27th. The UKGE website is open for bookings on its new dates.

As is the case with Britcon it may be worth using sites such as to take advantage of penalty-free cancellation options on accomodation for the UKGE weekend to entirely de-risk your overall cost of attendance.

As with the LGT, The BHGS doesn't have any input into the commercial side of UKGE so any decisions regarding the staging of this event remain the responsibility of the main organiser.

In summary we're doing everything we can to offer you as many chances to get some gaming in under a BHGS banner before the end of this year, and we're also making sure we do so in a way which doesn't take any chances with anyone's health and wellbeing - nor with anyone's finances.

We sincerely hope to see you across the gaming table as soon as it is safe for all of us - and the NHS - to do so.

The BHGS Committee
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