800pts Later Ottoman Turks

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800pts Later Ottoman Turks

Post by lonehorseman » Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:32 pm

After some deliberation I came up with this list based on the figures I have, would like to know if it is decent in any way and what changes would be suggested

Subs 3xTC

8x FF

Other Balkan Cavalry 4x LH/Unarm/Ave/Lt Lance, Sword
Other Balkan Cavalry 4x LH/Unarm/Ave/Lt Lance, Sword
Balkan Sharpshooters 4x LF/Unarm/Ave/Musket
Anatolian Sharpshooters 4x LF/Unarm/Ave/Musket
Artillery 2x Heavy Artillery
Artillery 2x Heavy Artillery
Artillery 2x Medium Artillery
Azaps 6x MF/Unarm/Poor/Bow
Tufeckis 6x MF/Unarm/Ave/Musket
Qapu Khalqi Sipahis 4x Cv/Arm/Sup/Carbine/Sword
Anatolian Sipahis 4x Cv/Unarm/Ave/Bow/Sword
Roumelian Sipahis 4x Cv/Unarm/Ave/Carbine/Sword
Jannisaries 6x MF/Unarm/Ave/Musket/Sword
Jannisaries 6x MF/Unarm/Sup/Musket/Sword

What is the verdict?

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Later Ottoman Turkish

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Post by stecal » Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:52 am

I'd drop one of the lt horse units & take more fortifications.

I was fooling around with Later Ottoman, once again based on what I own (and it is a lot due to the Napoleonic Turks I collected ages ago)

This is what I came up with - overwhelm them with loads of shooty, crappy cav. I am even considering taking some of the spahis poor to fit in another unit. When you get chearged in the flank it doesn't matter if poor guys did it. The theory here is that most 800 pt armies I have seen so far usually only have 5-6 units of cav, you have double that.

Fc, 2 x TC
2 x Qapu Khalqi Sipahis 4x Cv/Arm/Sup/Carbine/Sword
2 x Anatolian Sipahis 4x Cv/arm/av/Bow/Sword
2 x Anatolian Sipahis 4x Cv/Unarm/Ave/Bow/Sword
3 x Roumelian Sipahis 4x Cv/Unarm/Ave/Carbine/Sword
3 x Jannisaries 6x MF/Unarm/Ave/Musket/Sword
1x Tufeckis 6x MF/Unarm/Ave/Musket
Artillery 2x Medium Artillery
10 FF
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Re: 800pts Later Ottoman Turks

Post by SuleimanMagnifico » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:42 pm

I agree with Stephen Callahan. Additionally, in my experience Poor Azap foot is worthless; if you can avoid using them, do so -- if you can't, put them behind FF, or do your best to get them onto a flank or rear, or leave them in your own rear as "camp guards."

As for battlegroup size, I felt that 4-element blocks of any of the mounted felt "weak," & so I'm inclined to run 6-element BGs instead.

FWIW, OP, I very much like all that artillery in your list :)

Additionally, I would consider dropping one of the battlegroups of skirmishing light foot, or perhaps even both. I think that overall fortifications would be more useful than skirmishing foot, in this period at least -- especially if you plan on fighting western horse. Traditionally the Ottomans placed their artillery behind fortifications anyway.

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