marston moor players needed

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marston moor players needed

Post by navigator » Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:37 pm

Field of Glory players are needed for a Marston Moor re-fight in Scarborough in June2012.

As part of the Wartorn show at Scarborough Spa on 30 June and 1 July 2012, Scarborough Wargames Club is putting on a 25mm recreation of Marston Moor 1644.

Around 1400 figures will be used on a 24ft x 6ft table and each regiment will be specifically represented. That’s 22 Royalist foot regiments and 28 Allied foot regiments (totalling 1000+ figures) and approx 18 bodies of Royalist horse and 20 regiments of Allied horse (totalling 300+ figures). There are also the dragoons plus some artillery.

I am looking for generals to join in the game, ideally on both days, but, either the Saturday or Sunday would be ok. Knowing the rules would help lots but just a general interest to push some figures around and recreate history is fine too.

Info about Wartorn is on including an accommodation guide.

However, feel free to contact me on or 07974 686 556

Updates are also placed on

Paul Johnston

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