What kind of units are useless in game ?

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Re: What kind of units are useless in game ?

Post by goose_2 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:48 am

proline wrote:
hurly wrote: hm it was not his statement in the first Place so why should he defend it ?
The statement below is his:
goose_2 wrote:There are no useless units in the game.

Every unit has a place and a value that an asset that either has not been discovered and utilized or is being overlooked in favor of other units.

So, if I am still learning things about units even know after over 2300 hours of gameplay than this emphasizes to me that this game has no useless units only useless players.
This is an indefensible statement, and his defense, that despite having 2300 hours of experience he still repeatedly uses the word unit when he means class, is laughable. It's pretty clear he actually was talking about individual units, such as in the middle statement. He could have simply accepted that he his statement was indefensible and apologized for calling other players useless. He didn't have the maturity to do that.

I am a little confused here...
Did you take my comment personally? If so why?

I was posting about what the general topic was about.
Yrfin originally posted
What kind of units are useless in game ?

Then he proceeded to list out "classes", so I made a post with that general theme in mind.

What exactly did I say that offended you directly, Proline?

I generally try to keep my posts and feedback positive and helpful, so I am really confused at all the hostility.
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Re: What kind of units are useless in game ?

Post by ptje63 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:38 am

There are no useless units in the game.

First of all: lets not carry our battle-attitude from the game into discussions ;-) - written words have a tendency to look more harsh than spoken ones :-)

Two important words are missing from the statement above: "for me" - I dont think there exist definite statements when speaking about personal preferences.
In three years of PC I never use strategical bombers, because they take up precious fighter protection and I just keep one for naval battles.
And, like other before me have mentioned, towed AT for me is a useless weapon, because of lack of movement and armor.
Good recon is essential for me until 1944, when defense is more important - and again for reasons others already mentioned.

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Re: What kind of units are useless in game ?

Post by IttoOgami » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:49 am

hurly wrote:
Yrfin wrote:
hurly wrote: whatever you use for your infos, I assume the editor

I recommend you to watch the replay of the Scenario and then tell me again there are no waves
I dont care about yours replays. I have Panzer Corps Scenario Editor (Its legal). It good enouth for me.

also if you find any Lancaster in the replay that would be some mayor achievement

and Axis troops entering Baghdad can't be historic in any way so what ?
So, what kind of units are useless in game ?
5. Noobs (like you).
Just what I assumed in the First Place

You are a troll

Good that anybody here knows it now as well
Yeah. It took a long time, but, hooray, Panzer Corps Forums have their first troll.

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Re: What kind of units are useless in game ?

Post by edahl1980 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:01 am

Closest i can think of when it come to useless unit is the stationary AT.
From 1943 and on i find no room for them in my army.

Could be that i use them wrong or never learned to use them properly, but the ones i got is for flavour only.
From 43 to 45 its all about Tanks and AT's packing 88's and being able to deploy and redeploy fast.

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