M4s & Shermans

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Re: M4s & Shermans

Post by shawkhan2 » Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:13 pm

Well, obviously, HE soft attack factors were calculated according to gun caliber.
75mm,76mm all round up to 8. This of course is nonsense when leaving out such factors as rate of fire, accuracy and the widely differing construction of various nations' HE rounds, not to mention the sheer number of HE rounds carried by different units. The same problem occurs with AP attack factors as well.
This is just a game but I would prefer to enhance the simulation aspects whenever possible.
Of course my pet peeve is the imaginary Sturmpanzer found in the game which bears no resemblance to historical reality. I believe that things such as this were only included to make the game easier to play.

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Re: M4s & Shermans

Post by JagdpanzerIV » Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:42 am

JaM2013 wrote:My point about MG was more about them being used at suppressive fire against enemy, instead of accurate direct fire. MGs were supposed to put enemy to the ground, giving infantry space to maneuver. Of course, not all machine guns were used this way, US Infantry used them more like assault rifles (BAR), and had to rely on HMG support for suppression of enemy. Its why German Infantry squads were so effective, as even on squad level, they had a MG that was able to provide same amount of fire as others HMG/MMG.. There are some interesting WW2 videos on youtube showing German infantry tactics, where MG group covered the advance of rifle groups, pinning enemy down, giving them opportunity to move to advantageous position and kill enemy with rifles or grenades..

I'm currently testing my stats in game, and so far, i think it works quite well, and makes units more distinctive.. you really dont want to attack other infantry in the open with your Engineers or other SMG equipped units, as they get quite some beating from rifles, yet in close terrain its completely different story.. Overall, it makes combined warfare a lot more important, while some units gained new purpose.. I tend to use a lot more standard infantry now, and only promote units into engineers if they got some initiative heroes..

Also it makes HW infantry a lot more valuable for Allies, as its the only unit with high defense stat comparable to German infantry thanks to HMG/MMG they usually had.

My overall stats are relatively simple, for Soft Attack i go with:

SA 2 - Rifle (low quality)
SA 3 - Rifle
SA 4 - Rifle+LMG
SA 5 - Semiautomatic Rifle+LMG
SA 6 - SMG
SA 8 - SMG+LMG (spec ops)

For Initiative, i go with:

INI 3 - Rifle/Rifle+LMG
INI 4 - Rifle (Jaegers/Mtn Inf)

Defense stat is also very simple:

GD 4 - SMG
GD 5 - Rifle
GD 6 - Rifle + LMG
GD 7 - MMG (MG34 on bipod)
GD 8 - HMG (MG34 on tripod, all other HMGs)
GD 9 - HMG (MG42 on tripod)
i am resuscitating the thread :D

and what values did you give to Hard Attack (for your infantry) ?

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Re: M4s & Shermans

Post by JaM2013 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:12 pm

i went for HA damage copying the CD.. in my files CD also depends on "weak spot armor" protection, as majority of infantry antitank weapons were not fired against frontal armor, but against sides or rear, or thrown on top. At the same time, i have adjusted the HA, based on weapon type, therefore where 39' Heavy infantry might have some anti-tank rifles that are good against early tanks with weak sides/rear/top armor, as time progresses and more effective antitank weapons are available, this value goes up to values of 5-6 (HA 6 for units with Panzerfausts/Panzershrecks) - this also means that certain tanks that are equipped with shurzen can be better against infantry attacks, than otherwise heavy tanks without such protection.. In my files for example Tiger H has CD of 4 while PzIIIN has CD 6, so that PzIIIN can be better suited against infantry than Tiger..

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