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Stonne on Ultimate

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:58 pm
by goose_2
Ok I am in preparation to play this scenario on my Ultimate playthrough.

I am not trying for a Decisive on this one, but instead going for the needed Marginal.

I have some questions from the crowd.

I have some thoughts around how to play this battle that I have never seen done, but unsure if it has been tried and if it had the desired effect?

My thoughts are to leave the frontline deployment areas blank and setting up my forces right behind the 2 city Main Objectives to brace for the initial wave of units so I can crush the first wave on my terms and garner prestige for retaking those 1st 2 Main Objective cities.

Has anyone ever done that?
How long did it take for the first wave to move in?

Do you recommend something like this?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts