Afrika Corps first impressions

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Sergeant - 7.5 cm FK 16 nA
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Afrika Corps first impressions

Post by grabbysnatch » Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:36 pm


thanks for allowing me to beta test the long awaiting AK campaign.

The beta downloaded no problems and loaded up fine. I really liked the opening screen. Playes the first scenario and managed a decisive victory. I loved the objectives change part way through the scenario and the pop up messages in particular warning me regarding Tobruk, which you dont have to take, which is just as well!

One thing in the city of mechili, the supporting artillary unit did not defend the infantry when I attacked, making them a much easier target.

Just started the 2nd scenario. I like the motorbike units and the Flamm tanks. Very nice!

looking forward to testing the rest of the scenarios

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Master Sergeant - Bf 109E
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Re: Afrika Corps first impressions

Post by RobertCL » Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:17 pm

1. Excellent icons however the same tone of sand should be used for all units, for instance SDKFZ 7 is far too yellow compared with Stuka or Me 109 or tanks.
2. Excellent maps (no problem with my eyes, sometimes the European maps with the dark green was not easy for me)
3. Excellent image used as background (but needs correction, move to the right of the upper part since Panzer Corps is not written)
4. Strange to possibility to get full repair and full resupply on a sand hex, but I like this!
5. Great to have hypothetical scenarios
6. I love new units like Krad + Henschel 129 + Pz II flame tank + others
7. Excellent idea to have pop up messages
8. Excellent music
9. Excellent idea to name units

It would be great if you could integrate the Real Sound Mod in this game!

Sound of Side Car (Krad) is not the good one.

Apparently the 88mm AT gun is the sole very useful weapon against tanks.

Could you give a list of scenario names and campaign path ?
I imagine that in the final game release the briefings will be spoken in English with German accent ...?

I have finished scenario 3 but I do not know his name --> I do not know where to post comments...
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Re: Afrika Corps first impressions

Post by nikivdd » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:46 pm

My first impressions.
1) New units. Thanks a lot! The ones available in the first scene already look pretty amazing.
2) A core of more than one nation is what i personally always wanted, in this case Germany and Italy ofcourse.
3) I wonder why truck transports are able to move so many hexes at once over desert? I was actually surprised.
4) It is not always clear to see the gold border of the VH with the new tiles.
5) I like the new tiles, they blend in nicely and are not overwhelming.
6) The popups are a good idea but should not appear smack in the heat of battle.

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Lance Corporal - Panzer IA
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Re: Afrika Corps first impressions

Post by greg1863 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:03 pm

The first scenario has the feel of the Africa scenario it is based off of from the original Panzer General. I really like it.

Had a problem with one of my antiaircraft units (1.Abt./FLAK RGT.33) - I couldn't use it to attack enemy aircraft.

I'm looking forward to playing some of the other scenarios.

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Re: Afrika Corps first impressions

Post by radic202 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:45 pm

Absoluteluy loved the new Campaighn.

Great to get out of Europe for a change.

Same comment as previous poster that "The first scenario has the feel of the Africa scenario it is based off of from the original Panzer General" I also liked it!

And had the exact same problem with my mobile anti-aircraft units. They would not attack enemy aircraft.

Loved that we can play 2 allied (Axis) countries in this expansion (Germany and Italy). Thanks for that and loved that whichever unit you have take over a city has that flag show up and not only the German Flag.

Another person mentioned about the popups, takes me right out of the "mood" when they pop up in the middle of a move. Maybe have them smaller or only show up if you click on a flashing icon.,

It was great getting "crap" from General High Command for going above and beyond my objective but still getting the gratz for doing it and winning.

Generally very happy with it and look forward to continuing my campaign.

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