Just Finished First campaign

After action reports for Commander The Great War

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Just Finished First campaign

Post by PJBW » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:43 pm

Hi all,
Just got the game last week and played lots of short games and was very surprised at how good the AI was.
In the full blown campaign I just held in the west after taking out Belgium. Germany sent everything to the Eastern Front. Austria concentrated on taking out Serbia and just maintained a defence against Russia. Serbia held for ages with British and French both landing troops in support. By the time Serbia surrendered the Germans carried out two encirclements which crushed Russia's forces. With the revolution Russia sued for peace which freed up troops to fight Italy .
Bulgaria carried out a pre-emptive strike on Romania and with a little Austrian help knocked them out quickly.
Italy saw some heavy fighting and loses on both sides. Massed artillery won in the end and Italy surrendered with the Germans outside Rome. With troops coming into France behind the line the Western Front quickly unravelled.I grabbed most of France before taking Paris and knocking the French out.
In the Middle East there was a constant see-saw battle with the Egyptians getting wiped out twice. On the brink of success the British would draw off troops which let the Turks recover. With the help of the Bulgarians and Austrian artillery and aircraft the British were eventually crushed and Egypt was back within the Ottoman Empire.
With constant air raids on English cities and U-boats enjoying the glory days around the channel the British finally surrendered.
The game was still very tight until Italy surrendered. The ally offensives were destroying whole units on the Western Front and constantly breaking through the line.But two turns of artillery fire seemed to exhaust their supplies. Thank Gott for the shell scandal, which allowed reserves to be fed into the line.
Thoroughly enjoyed the game and I am looking forward to playing the allies.

Great job and Many Thanks - Paddy

By the way I came across a bug in the research window.If you look at the minor countries when all research has been completed the game just crashes.

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