Does anyone play 1914 PBEM as EC?

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Does anyone play 1914 PBEM as EC?

Post by Jimbonsx » Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:36 pm

I'm new to playing CTGW PBEM - indeed, any game online - so perhaps my ignorance/innocence is forgivable: I hope so.

I issued 5 challenges at the end of Oct/start of November, got 5 responses, started 5 games, 2 as CP.

Today is 6th December and I've not had game responses from 3 of those games - including both my CP games - surrendered one of them (I was massacred in the East and was on the verge of surrendering Russia in April 1915 so I thought "What's the point?") and I'm playing regularly on the last one (thanks mastino175). I've claimed one of my CP games (30+days of inactivity), although the 'Claim Game' facility doesn't work (CTGW Support removed the game from the lists though, ta). I can claim another (CP again) for the same reason and I'm 3 days away from claiming a third, same reason.

My question: is CTGW that unpopular amongst the online gaming community that people can't get past the first few turns?

Actually that was my second question: as the title suggests, (and yes, I know I've only started 5 games!) I can't find a way to compete, let alone get close to win, my 1914-start EC games. I accept I'm probably playing against people who are rather more experienced than I am at PBEM, but it's gone beyond a joke when I can't seem to make any sort of dent in the German steamroller - I know that the EC didn't lose this war, but I really don't understand how badly mismatched the two sides are in this scenario when two humans play it. I've made my fair share of comments in the forum about play against the AI but it's clearly a hugely different game when playing PBEM. Strategies employed vs the AI are downright dangerous to your health if you try them in PBEM.

I genuinely don't know how to get around this: I surrendered one game because it ceased to be enjoyable, or indeed a competition; more sort of target practise (I bet my opponent for that game is grinning when they read this! :D). I'm not asking for tactical advice (but all contributions gratefully received!), just some way of understanding why my decades of (largely happy) wargaming experience seem to have been rendered irrelevant.

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Re: Does anyone play 1914 PBEM as EC?

Post by nehi » Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:55 am

thats what im curious about too, some people just join my game, play one turn or no one and go silent forever... (except hatter, he plays one turn every 20 days regularly :D)

most of players leave without word at point, where it looks decided (especially when i take paris, its like instant gameover, although with british support it can last long till the end, maybe turnover still possible, because of entente huge production points advantage)

i dont lose often, but i at least ask opponent, if its ok to quit or set up a rematch 8)

but back to the starting point, they are most likely playing first time multiplayer and are dissappointed it doesnt go as they expected (but ai is weak. as we know)

btw dont play maty114, i joint one his game, he three of mine, all the time same, he just runs forward as entente, doesnt regenerate units, sacrifices serbians and begs for mercy, ridiculous... then he leaves at 5 or 6th turn, but he plays quiet fast/often, so if u want to taste lunatic, enjoy it :D

and i dont setup up free games as entente (just as private rematch), because i didnt lose a single game until now, as cp its a challenge (lost few times)

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Re: Does anyone play 1914 PBEM as EC?

Post by 17russia » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:31 pm

Sadly, many people so silent after a few game turns; I would say 50% or more. I understand that people lose interest after something goes wrong. As a table-top gamer from the 1980's, I kind of like the challenge of being behind the 8-ball. Some scenarios are designed for this like, War in Europe 1944 start. As for the German steamroller, there are many ways of putting dents in it.

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Re: Does anyone play 1914 PBEM as EC?

Post by Vlcysko » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:36 pm

Hello there,

I am willing to play. As I am table-top player too I do not mind slow game. I am able to play aproximately 1 turn per day or 1 turn in 2 days.
From the moment when the game will be pointless for one alliance surrender or replay can be negotiated via messages. There is no point to play desperate last stands ...

Playing as Central powers is considerably harder despite Germanys technologicaly advanced units. Some bold decisions have to be taken and timing is of the essence also good knowlege of research is required as some technologies gives you real upper hand when some small bonus only ...

If you want open the challange and send me a message.

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