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It looks i remade impossible to unstopable :D

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:47 am
by nehi
few months ago, when i read here, that there is no way to win 1914 as cp, ive started with mp

i always tought entente have to win it, cause of mass production

in my last game, i was facing best defense in the begining i met here, but after all, i won it by mass killing

france surrendered 2nd in alliance (belgium was 1st), ive got just verdun and paris

it was in early 1915 (ending winter) and serbia still up with one capital, cetinje and one minor city, serbia surrendered next turn after france, russia next turn after serbia (russia lost just warsaw and novo-georgievsk)

maybe there is some hope for entente in holding paris at all cost, but i havent met anyone in long time, whos able to do that