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Team Assault is a 3D turn based tactical game where players fight in close combat action at a squad level.

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Re: Team Assault Wish List

Post by Xerkis » Sat May 19, 2012 6:21 pm

DaveyJJ wrote:
Xerkis wrote:
DaveyJJ wrote:Demo. That'd be my first request.
This isn't a "demo" - but it is part of the actual game and gives you a very good idea on what you get to use when playing.

This Thread has a link to the Force Builder that is in the game.
Appreciate that very much, but this won't tell me if it'll run on my virtualized PC using Parallels. Conflict of Heroes runs fine, however.
No it won’t – not one bit. Didn’t know the why behind the need for the demo. Some just like to see more detail in to the game.

I’m like you though – I also need a demo to see if a game will actually perform or not on my laptop. TA runs just fine in my case. But I run TA (and all games that offer it) with the graphics as low as they can go. But I’m sure that doesn’t help all that much either for you.

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