Afrika Korps - Italian Challenge on Rommel

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Update: Afrika Korps - Italian Challenge on Double Rommel

Post by goose_2 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:20 pm

Ok so here are my thoughts on my upgrades after Basra:

Bersaglieri and my German Grenadier's are their 43 counter parts, with some of the overstrength that I paid for already nicked off. :(
My Alipni is at 13 strength and my last Italian Inf is ready with 3 stars and a nice 1st +2 Att Hero for his Alpini upgrade.

I want 2 Alpini's for the next 2 missions for sure.

I do not see myself doing anything more in terms of infantry purchases or upgrades.

SE Pz3J was already upgraded to a Tiger for Basra, and after Basra I will be upgrading my Grant to the other Tiger. (These will be my only Tiger's for this playthrough based on my 2 unit limit)

I have my 3 overstrengthened M15/42 ready to go straight to a P26/40 my other M14/41 is waiting until I can get him up to 4 stars of experience so I can beef him up super cheap. :D

The rest of my tanks will remain in the vehicles they are in, but I will upgrade my Pz3L that has 1 overstrength on it straight to a 3M for 13 prestige. (I will not overstrengthen this anymore than that.)

I will probably change the Pz3L and the Churchill into Panther's when they become available. Maybe? SE Pz4G will probably overstrengthened at least a little before upgrading them to a 4H and/or 4J.

I do want to upgrade at least 1 tank to a King Tiger if I have enough prestige in the final British India scenario, but not sure who or if I will have enough prestige.


No changes and I do not for see any changes. They are great in their role, and just hoping I do not get them killed.
1 Sahariana and my 1 German recon are doing me just fine.


I have a 2 overstrengthened StuG3G after Basra. May keep him in the StuG3G for the remainder or may upgrade them to a StuG4 arty/at combo. I am not sure. Thoughts?

My 7.5 Pak with +3 Def and +1 Movement is still pretty vulnerable but will probably just wait until I can upgrade him to the 88 Pak.

My M41M has 1 star and +2 Att 1st hero. I am super pleased with this purchase for this playthrough. It is a glass canon, but delivers a tremendous punch if you get the chance.


2 Italian 88's are doing well in their role. Still hoping for a +1 Movement hero, but happy with there progress at this point. (I was actually hoping for more opportunities in Basra to utilize, but used them as well as I could.)

My German mobile Uber cheap mobile AA has 3 stars and +1 Attack/+1 Range 2nd Hero. I see myself keeping them in their super fast super cheap SdKfz 10/4, because his mobility is such a huge asset to whittle down any fighter on the battlefield.


I have a StuG3B that is doing great in his role. Staying as is, likely for entire playthrough.
sIG 2 is a beast with 5 stars and 2 heroes that add up to +5 attack. (He will be my only artillery likely to earn a 3rd hero. He will stay as is)

2 Heroed M40's are finally ready to upgrade to M43's after I overstrengthen them as much and as cheaply as I can. (Still hoping to see what their 2nd hero will end up being, Range or +3 attack would be super.)
My other M40 can finally be used again and I see myself eventually buying 1 more to utilize 1 more sp arty beast on the battlefield.

1 75mm that already has 3 stars and is only 3 scenarios old. I may buy one more of these suppression beasts, but not likely.
2 105mm artys. 1 with 14 strength and +3 att, the other with +2 Def and sitting at no os.
1 155mm with 12 os and a +1 Movement and +1 Def that is my hard hitter when needed, but will not be able to get hoped for 3rd hero.

I do not see myself fielding another 155mm arty unless I need a reason for 3 more artillery, but do not for see that.


Stormo is a beast with +5 Att and 5 stars of experience. (I am hoping he is seen as untouchable, but I may need to overstengthen them 1 or 2 points to deter the enemy from attacking him in his Veltro while we wait for the Bf-109K On Road to India.

My Falco biplane achieved my hoped for goal of 2 stars, but not able to get 1st hero. He is now ready to upgrade to a Centauro. Super happy with this purchase and hope his higher defense and Higher attack deters the enemy from attacking them straight out, but may need to overstrengthen by 1 or 2 points as well.

SE Bf 109G is staying as is with 3 stars and waiting/hoping for an awarded SE Fighter to see if I keep him in a BF or if I upgrade him to an FW.

My Spitfire is doing super nice with his FW-190a upgrade and +3 Def/+2 Attack 2 heroes.

This is all that I will see in the air to battle their ever growing air force. (I hope it will be satisfactory.)

Tac Bomber

Just my Italian Rudel in an SM.79 and my SE Bf 110G, that is all I will ever need.

2 Piaggios

Nuff said. I will buy a 3rd in the last scenario to help eliminate/mitigate the Royal Navy insanity of that scenario.

Let me know if you see any gaps in my forces or how I laid them out as hoping to start Persia in a couple of weeks, so there is time to share thoughts.
Lutheran Multiplayer Tournament Organizer. :-)

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