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Bug: Duplicate overlay

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:40 am
by zjorz
Recently i went trough a few maps and i noticed that the autogenerated railroads contain a wrong overlay. After looking trought the list its clear that somehow the right overlay got replaced by a different one. If you look it up, the overlay is in the list twice.

Re: Bug: Duplicate overlay

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:40 am
by Cortilein
You're absolutely right - tile #38 is wrong. There should only be the straight rail line from NW to SE, blended together with a curved line from N to SE. The correct tile for the one shown in the middle of your screenshot is tile #46 (comparing this to the Road tiles counterparts).

Fix was easy enough (see below). Note that using the fixed files may mess up graphical represention of that tile on any maps where the "wrong" tile was used in the "correct" spot/hex - so in that case, you have to manually fix the railway layout using the Scenario Editor. And make sure to backup your original files before replacing.

LINK to my Dropbox / zip file (size is too big to post it here directly - ca. 1 MB): ...

This zip contains the fixed tile image files "LayerRails.png" and "LayerRailsFrozen.png" - you need to drop these into the /Graphics/Tiles folder of your Panzer Corps installation and overwrite the originals. I shall not be held responsible if somebody messes this up (always make BACKUPS! - two simple file renamings should do in this case, before dropping the new ones into the folder). Note that these are modifications of the vanilla files - they are not compatible with any terrain mods that you might be using (e.g. Massi's Terrain).

Cheers! :)