New traits and unit concepts

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New traits and unit concepts

Post by fsx » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:26 am

Rudankort wrote:Series

If unit A and unit B have the same string in their series column, upgrade from A to B costs only the difference between A's and B' cost. Otherwise, you pay full price for B. You can introduce new series at will.


If unit A contains the ID of unit B in this column, A can switch to B. In this case, B should switch to A as well, or you won't be able to switch back. It is possible to have longer switch chains, like A->B->C->A or A->B->C->D->A etc. The units in switch chain should have some similar properties, or certain side effects are possible. Thus, I advice to have the same fuel and ammo on them, or some strange effects could occur. There is one unit in switch chain which is considered primary. This unit is designated with "primary" trait. This unit determines unit class of the unit. E. g. 88mm gun is AA even when switched to AT mode, and it is upgraded as AA (in cities or between missions), because 88mm AA is marked as primary.


Every scenario now has a setting in which theatre it takes place. By default, every unit in eqp file is available in all theatres. But you can exclude any unit from any theatre(s) by placing theatre indexes (separated with commas) in this column. A better name for this column would be "Exclude from Theatre". In official content theatre 0 is Europe and theatre 1 is Africa.

Usable Transports and Transport Category

These columns are closely related, and together are used in the new transport support mechanics. Here is how it works.

1. Equipment file has two new columns which follow "Exclude from theatre" column. First lists transports the unit can use. Second is transport category. Transports in the list are separated by spaces. So "land sea rail" means that the unit can use land, sea and rail transports. A transport can have several categories too. So for example normal air transport can have "air" category, while glider can have "air glider" categories which means it can transport both infantry and heavy equipment. In general, the rule is: if unit's "usable transports" list and transport's "categories" list have anything in common, this transport can carry the unit. Example: infantry has "land sea air rail" usable transports. Glider has "air glider" categories. They have one item in common: "air". So glider can carry infantry.

2. If the two new columns are left empty, the game assigns them automatically. There are 4 default categories which are hard-coded in the game: "land", "sea", "air" and "rail". By default, all land transports get "land" category, all sea transports - "sea" category etc. Also, all leg and towed units get "land" usable transport, all ground units - "sea" and "rail" usable transports and all infantry units - "air" usable transport. This means that by default the game works exactly as before - but using the new transport system. When filling in new columns, don't forget to specify default categories in the list. Thus, by default Gigant will have "air" category, as long as its category column is empty. This happens because it belongs to air transport class. Now, if you put "glider" in its category column, it will assume this category. "air" will no longer be assigned automatically! If you want it on the Gigant too, you would need to specify "glider air" in its category column.

3. There is a new unit trait called "glider". Units loaded into such transport behave similarly to paratroopers: they can land on any hex, not just airport. But unlike paratropers, the landing occurs straight below the glider and no randomization takes place.

4. Scenario params screen in the editor changed. There are no longer sea/air/rail transport numbers and types on the second tab. Instead, "Transports" tab was added. Here you can select any transports and their numbers, up to five different types. So you can have several normal air transports and gliders at the same time.

5. When embarking a unit, the game will search for the first available transport suitable for this unit. The search is done in the same order in which the transports are listed in the Editor. So if normal air transport comes first, and glider next, the game will use normal air transport by default (for infantry, paratroopers etc.). But if you embark a tank, glider will be used, because normal transport is not usable for tanks. On the contrary, if you put glider first in the list, it will be assigned to everything (tanks, infantry, paratroopers etc.), until we run out of gliders. Then normal transports will be used.

You are free to add new transport categories at will. Just keep in mind that the total number of different transport categories used in the eqp file should not exceed 32. This number includes the 4 default categories (land/sea/air/rail) too.
new terrain traits
Rudankort wrote: lowsup - 50% supply on such hex
strait - the units get the same combat penalties as on a river, but bridge engineers do not bridge such terrain.
new unit traits
Rudankort wrote:"minefield" trait is used by minefields. These units have some special properties, for example they are hard to spot, slow down friendly movement and trigger ambushes even though they do not have active attacks. "minesweeper" unit can destroy a minefield in a single attack. "minekiller" unit cannot remove the minefield in one go, but still can do some damage to it (e. g. artillery or ship could bombard it). All other units cause and take 1 point of damage when attacking minefields.

"glider" is a special trait of air transports which allows them to land any units, not just paratroopers, on any free hex on the map (not just airfields).

"nozoc" is pretty self-explanatory - such units do not project ZOC on 6 neighboring hexes around them, so enemy units can freely move around them. Also, such units do not prevent supply/reinforcements of nearby enemy units.

"reconmove" allows any unit to use recon (phased) movement. Or, when applied to recon, it cancels its special trait.
Now, we need the "old" terrain traits, like close....
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Re: New traits and unit concepts

Post by VPaulus » Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:46 am

Rudankort wrote:Multipurpose column contains id of the unit you can switch to. Only one ("primary") unit in the switch chain can be purchasable, all the others must be marked as "nopurchase". Remove traits does nothing. Add traits is used to specify unit special abilities, but note that not all game functions were changed to use this column, and so some traits do not work yet, but are hard-coded in game code instead (like "close" trait is hard-coded for infantry). This will be fixed, and more interesting traits will be added, as the game evolves.

Traits are separated with spaces. So each trait is separate. There is no trait like "alpine close bonus" - these are 3 separate traits.

Traits which are actually working in 1.0 are:
- meng - military engineer, ignores entrenchment
- beng - bridge engineer
- para - paratrooper
- fortkiller - bonus against structures
- radar - initiative bonus to all planes within spotting range
- green - always starts with zero exp, even if scenario settings tell otherwise
- nopurchase - is not listed in purchase menu
- noupgrade - cannot be upgraded
- noreplace - cannot be replaced
- bonus - These are units which are randomly given at the beginning of a scenario in a campaign. Cannot be purchased. Bonus unit can be upgraded only to another bonus unit

"alpine" trait was supposed to give mountain units some advantage in mountains terrain, but it is not used. Their movement advantage is expressed with a special alpine movement type. "fixt" and "rott" stand for fixed turret/rotating turret respectively, and in the future initiative penalty (-3) will occur when a fixt unit attacks rott unit, but for now it is hard-coded for AT and tank classes. "lsup" stands for long-term suppression and is not used yet either.

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Re: New traits and unit concepts

Post by Razz1 » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:38 am

Only one ("primary") unit in the switch chain can be purchasable, all the others must be marked as "nopurchase".


Not my experience. Worked in all versions and including 1.10 patch

No problems yet.

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