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First impressions... websites?

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:50 am
by RickR
My first day spent with this game. I played ASL boardgame years ago and the computer game of Close Combat and this appears to be compose of both. All-in-all I am sort of pleased... I feel like something is missing. I think it is the lack of a real compaign, you know, linked Scenarios. For example, the Battle of Arnherm would be a great campaign for this game. I am now crusing the web collecting modders scenarios and info but see very little. But, when I purchased it, I thought I would be fighting a campaign on the one of the Eastern Fronts (North, Center or South) instead of separate scenarios. I mean, it's not bad, scenarios are great but it leaves you feeling like something is missing, like forgetting mustard on a sandwich. Assign me a Squad, Platoon, or Company (advancing in rank and unit responsibilty as I gain ground and experience) and take me from Poland to Moscow...or in reverse.

I think that is the only thing that is bugging me besides not having near enough arty, air strike/recon. I've played about 6 scenarios today and not one drop of arty for me - except what was falling on my head that the Soviets sent me.

It's certainly got promise as I certainly got lost in it for the entire day! I don't see much on the web for it; however, I did find one called PAVLOV's house and a few others that sound good that I am loading now. Are there other web sites that the modders are using?


Re: First impressions... websites?

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:22 pm
by Cataphract88
There are quite a few more user-made scenarios for this over on the Matrix website. :)