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Post by 1ordoban2 » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:04 pm

Hi there,

i am a 48 year old german and after playing the beta from november the 5th on i immediatly bought pandora. Cumulative gametime around 60 h now and growing. This is the sequel to my beloved SMAC i was waiting a long time for. Tipp for proxy studios: cant wait to spend up to 20 € for an expansion. And a final word of warning - a wall of text is incoming!

1. Gameplay

Graphics and animations are fully satisfying me. Sound is doing its job. Some musik is very suitable and some stay in the background. GUI is excellent. Most games are very intense in the beginning, after surviving the aliens and the first ai-attacks everything calms down and victory is often just a matter of time. So, to my opinion, the lategame needs some tweaking.

To my eyes the difficulty setting comes not only from the moralebonus of the ai but even more from the choice of the map-layout. Archipel is easy, bigger islands are harder, continent is by far the most important option to increase difficulty.

2. Bugs
Found only very few bugs and reported them - up to now there are only 2 left to my eyes. In the german translation if a faction is eliminated their final message is still in english. The second one is having 2 or more formers in one place and terraforming it to the best sometimes makes the game crash (maybe the first did the job and the second tries it to improve beyond that limit?). All in all wonderful to see a game going life and having so few bugs - excellent work from proxy studios.

3. Suggestions for the current game

The game is very fluent and streamlined so maybe there are some things that could be done to enrich the gameplay in some ways (and of course my opinion):

- i would like to see 2 more levels of roads, e.g. highways (+2 speed) and tubes (+3 speed)
- terraform is to far in the techtree to be usefull, one era down and double the worktime
- lvl 10 units cant get more xp - so let them be convertible to heroes, make them nameable, give them a second deviceslot and double their upkeep costs. Lets say 1 hero per city.
- make resources tradeable - how often i am in need for minerals and have plenty of food or vice versa.
- make technologies tradeable
- fungus should spread by time as a reaction to the factions activities (the real aliens!)
- aliens could improve by time e.g. learning by doing, you know killing.
- buying a mine level 2 in the city could allow to improve tiles with mines also to lvl 2 and having the cost for that mine increased by 1 credit (ok - maybe to much micromanagement for some of us).
- colonist should be able to add 1 citizen on disband in a city - speed up growth of new cities.
- in general most fights will have one unit completely destroyed. Slightly decrease damage and increase heath will give the player more opportunities to react afterwards (repair, change position etc.)
- speaking of devices - scannerunits in a fortress should be able to see more far.
- tiles to buy
- currently there is no big need to build more than 3 or 4 cities for victory. More than that having 10 small cities is a big disadvantage - so each new city should give the player a (small) bonus, maybe resources or +1 morale per city in the empire or something like that.
- make it visible if a city is under the effect of cloning. Having 10 or more cities and having to control each turn in the cityview of every city how long cloning will last is a mess. Maybe cloning could become stackable?

4. Suggestions for an addon

- make seetiles useful - underwater cities, submarines, mineable black smokers (ok ok - remember anno 2070 addon^^)
- more factions - for example a robotfaction that rises out of the ruins of the first eliminated faction... (some AI will always survive)
- rivers as natural barriers
- in the lategame each big city has a lot of tiles that are not used - maybe an opportunity to introduce a new resource: energy. tiles with solarparks, geothermics drilled holes or even fusionreactors etc. will generate energy - useful for building energy shields around units, borders, cities. Could satisfy operations like blackholegenerator.
- new weapons eg. artillery with range 2

5. Modding related questions

Since i am already manipulating my xml-files for new tech,units etc. here some questions related to moddable values:

- how many technologies fit maximal in a subtier of a tier?
- i would like to add minerals/food as a starting bonus but <minerals add="20"/> like credits for the economics wont work - currently not implemented?

Last but not least thanks for a very enjoyable game.

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