Military AI Sggestion

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Military AI Sggestion

Post by Rossthegreat » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:31 pm

Needless to say it really needs some work at least.

Because you see, my cerbeus meches had a field day against hordes of colonial troopers with bazookas.

All of cerbeus mechs you see in the screenshot used to be goliath mechs.

Blue arrow represent my routes, red arrows represent Torga University's routes. Red X represent sites of battle.

The cerberus is armed with fusion lasers, silksteel armor, and assault tweaker.

Colonial trooper swarm was armed with Bazookas from era 1/2/3. And armed with armor from era 1/2/3. And then armed with that double movement accessory from transcendence era.

They tried to take my city of Retia but then they saw a single fortified Cerberus mech supported by flak, assault and colonial troopers armed with gauss guns. They gave up on it because they're all carrying bazookas putting my soldiers at advantage against them despite being out teched. Then charged after my food city but gave up and retreated immediately after they saw my cerberus mechs just reaching the frontlines.

And that's not even mentioning the fact that the food city was defended by snipers/flak and antipersonnel soldiers. <.<

They was quite good at prioritizing and murdering my longtom arties though,.. :) I thought they was safe but then I forgot about the trooper's equipment/advancements so they got ganked from behind the frontlines. xD

And back to the food city, after losing a bunch of soldiers to my advancing cerberus mechs they all retreated to Bohr city where they was slaughtered slowly over several turns combined with constant orbital bombardment.

Worst part is Togra University literally had ages to prepare for war against me. I didn't even keep my Cerberus mechs a secret from them, I just had a few in my frontline cities so he was indeed aware that I have a bunch.

Which brings me to my suggestion, could the AI be made to randomly check human player's cities that it can see with their scouts that is. After using the scout to assess intel of enemy army's strength even when they're at peace. And if it spots something like cerberus mechs just chilling and giving rides to little children at local park and power ranger fans. The AI should immediately start assessing if their colonial trooper can defeat the mechs when the war breaks out or not. If it can then keep on spamming colonial troopers, if not then they need to start their focus on upgrading the state of their poor military until it reaches sufficient level of self defense.

However there is three points I can give to the AI at least, after the war is in progress....

- Ai understood how to retreat their inferior forces. Despite their love of colonial trooper spam they still retreated them and fortified up in that Bohr city instead of suicidally attacking my mechs on open plains of food city like the military AI used to do in early days of me playing this game.

- Torga University started to spam Avenger and Demolisher hulls as fast as possible with Photon cannons after it's colonial trooper attack failed horribly.

- Torga University had two or three High Production cities with alot of workers! These cities could've spammed really strong units.

However it was too late for torga university because I was already having allout assault on torga university everywhere by this point. Avenger/demolisher tanks was actually outnumbered by expensive cerberus mechs which is backed up by alot of Fusion Laser Demolisher tanks..

I think Torga had about 80+ Colonial Troopers and 10 avenger/demolisher tanks plus few random dreadnoughts..

Up against my 8 Cerberus Mechs and 20ish Fusion Demolisher Tanks supported by bunch of serenity/longtom avenger tanks and 10 Assault infantry and 20 gauss Colonial Troopers. And that isn't even mentioning my inactive garrisons.

The three points I mentioned about Torga University makes me see that there is indeed hope for the Military AI. Its just feels like they're asleep to me atm. Needs to be waken up by devs.

Although if Military AI gets a major boost in power like by having them actually have good military, there's pretty good chance I will have to drop from Hard to Medium :3 Because I'm not that good at combating the AI's cheat bonuses. And I won't mind at all if it means I get to have gudfights. I only can play on hard at the moment because their military skillz sucks.

Edit: oh yes for anyone that's curious, Yeah I razed Bohr to the ground. I wanted that damn goldmine in my third ring for retia xD

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Re: Military AI Sggestion

Post by Xilmi » Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:01 am

You might want to try my Mod.
It's supposed to fix the issues you reported with the AI.
Download can be found here:

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